Whiskey is an alcoholic drink for all occasions all year long. It doesn’t matter if it is a casual party or a formal gathering, you can never go wrong with a bottle of whiskey. There are hundreds of whiskey brands to choose from out there and making that decision can be difficult. Differentiating great whiskey from ordinary ones is a bit tricky. A great whiskey is smooth and has a complexity of flavor.

What makes choosing harder is the different types of whiskey like bourbon, scotch, Tennessee whiskey, rye, and more. So, to help you make a great decision, here you go.

The Best Whiskey Brands

If you love drinking whiskey or collecting different bottles, this list is for you.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Because of its smoothness, this whiskey brand is highly recommended for people who aren’t used to drinking whiskey. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is loved all over the globe given that it is one of the most widely distributed brands. Despite its smoothness, this whiskey offers a great combination of flavors, sweetness, and spiciness. So, if you want a great introduction to the world of whiskey, get a Blue Label.


A single-malt masterpiece from Scotland. Glenfiddich out of thousands of whiskey brands is the world’s most awarded single-malt. That itself makes a strong case of just how good this whiskey brand is. Glenfiddich offers a wide range of selections based on age starting from 12 to 50. One of their best-selling product is the Glenfiddich Bourbon Barrel Reserve Year 14. It doesn’t matter what whiskey you choose, all of them are sure to please a crowd. But, if you really want to indulge in the pinnacle of single-malt goodness, then you’ll never go wrong with those aged for many years.

The Busker Triple Cask Irish Whiskey

If you are looking for an affordable yet great quality whiskey, you’ll never go wrong with a Busker Triple Cask. This whiskey gives you notes of vanilla, tropical fruit, and toffee. Busker’s quality comes from the combination of single pot, single grain, and single malt whiskeys.

Monkey Shoulder

If you are into whiskey and cocktails, then Monkey Shoulder is the best choice for you. What makes this whiskey stand out is that its mixes well with cocktails. So if you want to enjoy it as it is or maybe mix it in with something, go for it. Monkey Shoulder is brought to the world by malt master and master blender David Steward.


This brand for many people stands out among the rest of other whiskey brands. Straight from the Scottish Highlands, Glenmorangie only makes single malt whiskies and the best thing about this brand, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. What makes Glenmorangie’s whiskies so good is their use of tall stills, as tall as a giraffe. The taller the still, the slower the distillation which can remove more off-notes to make way for the good flavor.


Are you familiar with Ron Swanson? He is a character in the television series Parks and Recreation played by the great Nick Offerman. In the series, Ron hates everything about Europe except for Lagavulin whiskey and the master elixirs behind it. Lagavulin single-malt aged 16 years offers a smoky and peaty experience.


Japan whiskey has come a long way in terms of new ideas and innovation. Yamazaki by beverage company Suntory in Japan is perfect for whiskey lovers who want a balance of sweet flavor.

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Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

There are more whiskey brands out there to choose from. But, you won’t go wrong when picking out any of the brands listed above. When it comes to choosing which whiskey brand to get, you need to know what your preferences and you need to distinguish the greats from the ordinaries.

One more thing, remember to be responsible when drinking whiskey or any other alcoholic beverages. It is true that drinking can help you fall asleep, but too much of it is never good.