“I’m too tired from work to exercise. I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“I don’t have time between work and home.”

“I need to get up early tomorrow morning to go the office.”

There are just some of the most common reasons or better yet, excuses why professionals don’t exercise. Chances are, you yourself might’ve said some of these in the past.

Millions of people around the globe are struggling to motivate or push themselves to establish an efficient and daily exercise routine. Despite knowing that it would be good for them, many people just aren’t able to discipline themselves to go for it and stick with it.

It is a fact that working a job is tiring, especially for those who really demand long hours and a lot of energy. But, there will always be an opportunity to step back and take care of yourself instead of taking care of business.

Fear not, here are some tips to help you balance work and the office.

  1. Find a partner – Why not find someone you can work out with side by side? It can be a colleague of yours, a friend, or maybe your romantic partner. With a partner, you have more accountability and you won’t be alone. You can encourage others. When both of you are having a hard time going for it, then why not look for another buddy to join? It is fun to be active on your own and there are certainly benefits to that. But, there are also upsides when working out with someone.
  • Exercise at the office or during work hours – More and more companies are giving more freedom to employees to exercise during office hours. This can be done in many ways. For example, there is a growing trend of jogging or walking meetings. Instead of conference rooms or zoom rooms, employees put on their running shoes and gear, go outside, and then talk about business stuff. It’s about burning calories and minimizing the chances of burning out.
  • Run or cycle to work – If your office is near your house or the distance is something you can cover by walking, jogging, or cycling, go for it. Your commute to the office can also be your workout for the day. No matter how far or how long, getting your body moving is a good thing. If you are going to do it for the first time, it is best to prepare yourselves. Condition your body by exercising outside working hours.
  • Take care of your mental health at the office – Your mental health is a big factor you must always consider with everything you do. And yes, this includes being more active as a professional. Your mental health at work can impact your mood, behavior, decision making, and lifestyle outside the office. Taking care of your mental health means being more active and more engaged.  Being more active will then result in better mental health according to several studies. Find more ways how to improve your mental health.

It takes a lot of effort to have the perfect balance between work and working out. But, with the right attitude and a little determination, you’ll go the distance.