It can be a challenge to incorporate a very standard gym regimen and healthy diet plans into the demanding schedules of your daily life as a man. With this in view, there are simpler, efficient everyday adjustments and changes that can be followed and trusted to make men achieve fitness.

Below are 15 simple, practical and effective food tips for men’s fitness.

  1. In striving for fitness as a man, vegetables must be a part of your daily meals. They contain a lot of nutrients and fiber that make staying fit easier and more constant.

    When it comes to eating veggies, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can add them to your meals in interesting ways by combining them as salads and in sauces, soups, and so on. Also, cook your veggies as lightly as possible. Prolonged cooking will cause the veggies to lose their nutrients.

  2. In attempting to stay fit, a lot of men starve themselves. This is very wrong and unhealthy. Going hungry will not make you stay fit by losing fat on the long run. You will get tired, hungrier and crave carbs even more than normal and you’ll need even more food eventually, thereby increasing your calorie intake. Eating your good level of calorie intake with the right proportion of nutrients is the most effective way of staying fit.
  3. Do not avoid water. As simple as it sounds, a lot of people still make the mistake of drinking too little water daily. This slows down digestion and body metabolism. It also leads to tiredness and therefore your body will eventually crave more sugar and calories later on.

    Water will keep you refreshed, especially after a lengthy exercise, stressful day, etc. Ideally, you should drink about 8 to 10 cups of water per day. Water also makes you feel full and crave less calories.

  4. Take foods that are rich in fiber. They have a huge impact on how much fat you lose and also have high effect on your muscle mass. They make you feel full for a long time. Example of foods with hight fibre level include oatmeal and beans.
  5. There are “miracle diets” out there today. Looking for an easy way out without having to put in the time and effort make some men go on harmful diets or diets that do not flow with their body systems. Do not be one of them.

    Some of these diets usually involves an extended calorie deficit or loss and this slows the body metabolism and can set you up for a future of dieting struggles.

  6. Avoid trans fat. They are unhealthy kinds of fats. They are usually found in baking mixes and some confections and pastries.

    There are also good fats which are very essential for your body metanolisms, for example, your body needs dietary fat, which is important and irreplaceable in the body, in order to lose weight (which is surprising to many people)
    Unrefined coconut oil, pure olive oil, fish oil and grass fed butter are examples of good fats that actually contain saturated fat, which when taken in reasonable amounts are very beneficial to the body.

  7. It is important to start your day with the right food. This will energize your body system for the day and prevent unnecessary exhaustion and fatigue. Starting your day with fruit, protein and lower carbs is a great way of ensuring that you have the right balance to start with.
  8. Drinking green tea and one to two teaspoons of vinegar helps in fat loss and cleansing of the body system.
  9. Keeping junk foods around the house and working place is a bad idea. Take healthy snacks in place of junk foods.
  10. Staying away from sugary foods and drinks is important in staying fit as a man. Replace these with fruits and vegetables instead.
  11. Alcohol in moderation, especially red wine, is beneficial health-wise. Generally, for men, moderation is defined as 2 drinks a day.
  12. When eating out, eat at restaurants, diners, etc that have healthy options. Watch what you eat at these places.
  13. Taking black coffee before working out helps. This should be taken one to two hours before working out. Take it with proteins and healthy fats instead of a high carb diet.
  14. Eating vegetarian recipes once a week can have a nice impact on your health.
  15. Whole grains are important. They contain important nutrients like vitamin B. Don’t cancel them out from your diet.

These tips are great for staying fit daily and consistently. They involve practical, helpful and effective changes, additions or adjustments that are totally realistic. The tips will leave you feeling healthier and stronger.
Stay healthy.

Photo by Lily Lvnatikk on Unsplash

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