During this time of the year, you’re probably overwhelmed with meetings, deadlines, holiday social events, family outings and much more. At times, you’ll be tempted to prioritize your busy schedule over your partner. Your spouse said for better or for worse, right? Aren’t the busy holidays just the “worse” part of the deal?

Luckily, they don’t have to be. Even if you’re busy, you can take time to show your spouse that she’s special. Here are six tips for the upcoming holiday season that will help you keep your marriage alive and thriving:

1) Focus On the Bookends

Have you ever seen the triangle of activities that depicts the ways you spend your time? If not, here’s a synopsis: The first point is “work,” the second is “social life” and the third is “enough sleep.” At the bottom of the triangle is a caption that says “pick two.”

Eliminating your work or social life during the holidays is pretty much off the table. Sleep, on the other hand, can be forebode for a short period of time.

Get up 30 minutes earlier and stay up 30 minutes later. Take time to have coffee or breakfast with your spouse in the morning. Look forward to connecting with each other at the end of the day. You’ll lose some sleep, but you’ll gain an hour of meaningful time with your partner.

2) Outsource, Whenever Possible

In your professional life, you probably think or talk about outsourcing from time to time. Using outside firms or individuals to accomplish work that’s normally performed within a company is a second nature business concept. What about your personal life, though? Have you ever outsourced the work you normally perform during the holidays? If not, you should.

Outsourcing your to-do list can save you time, money and undue stress. To minimize hassle this holiday season, use Occasion Station. All you need to do is visit their platform and enter information about the people you’re giving gifts to this holiday season. Then, personal shoppers select, wrap and ship individualized gifts to you or directly to the receiver.

While you’re on the platform, you can enter more important dates for your spouse, like her birthday or your anniversary. As these dates approach, Occasion Station will email you reminders and ask if you’d like them to create the perfect gift for you. This strategy is one of the best around when it comes to beating the stress of gift-giving this holiday season and year-round.

3) The Midday Check-In

When you’re buried in paperwork and seasonal stress, let your partner know how you’re feeling. Send your wife a text or give her a quick call when you’re eating lunch and express what’s going on.

A recent survey found that communication problems and poor communication are the top reasons couples split up. The second reason couples break apart is due to their inability to resolve conflict. To avoid joining one of these two statistics, schedule regular check-ins with your spouse to connect and go over any issues that arise during hectic periods.

4) Plan an Exciting Date

When you and your spouse are busy, the last thing she expects is a surprise date. Create a list of things you want to do with her and figure out how you can make one of the opportunities a reality. Although buying tickets or planning an elaborate vacation probably isn’t in the cards, you can still have a meaningful staycation or night out on the town together.

If this feels like too much pressure, commit to making one special dinner for your spouse. You can even use a prep company, like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, to help speed up the process while ensuring a delicious result.

5) Sweat Together

Exercise benefits you physically, mentally and emotionally. Furthermore, being active with your partner can contribute to a healthier, more satisfying marriage.

This holiday season, write down your fitness goals with your partner. You can share some goals, or your lists can be completely individualized. As you work toward these aspirations, you’ll bond and strengthen your overall union.

6) Show Your Appreciation

Every day, your wife does amazing things. She does them for you, your household and the people you know. One of the best ways you can show her she’s special is to notice the things she does to keep your life running smoothly.

When she does the dishes, hug her and say “thank you.” If the two of you have kids, praise her for all the things she does for them. It might feel redundant thanking her so often, but women want to be thanked and appreciated for the things they do every day.

Make Time, Despite Business

With numerous holidays and the end of the working year approaching, your plate is bound to be full. You’ll be tempted to let your relationship with your spouse fall by the wayside for a few months, but you should fight this impulse.

With the six tips above, you can help your spouse feel special during the busiest time of the year.

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