Trouble in the bedroom can feel demoralizing, and there are few things worse than building up the romance only to let your partner down. While a low sex drive and premature ejaculation are possible culprits, erectile dysfunction (ED) is what causes the distress more often than not. 

But an ED diagnosis may not be as devastating as most men believe. By dispelling the most common myths surrounding ED and learning the facts, you can take the first step to regain your confidence and unlock your peak sexual performance. 

Myth #1: Erectile Dysfunction is a Natural Part of Aging

Many people will have you believe that ED is a natural part of aging, that it is inevitable as you get older. After all, youthfulness goes hand in hand with potency, right? While there’s some truth to this, ED is not scientifically considered part of the natural aging process. {{1}}

So, why does ED seem more common in older men? The increased prevalence of ED in the older demographic can easily be understood once you look at common trends of poor lifestyle habits and deteriorating health. 

The effects of smoking, alcohol consumption, a lack of exercise, and destructive diets—all of which are risk factors for ED—take their toll over time, resulting in health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and depression. These problems can all cause ED, regardless of age. Although the damage done by the years can’t be reversed in a day, you can continue to enjoy sex with the help of ED treatment. 

Myth #2: Erectile Dysfunction Doesn’t Happen to Younger Men

Just as ED isn’t guaranteed with age, strong erections aren’t guaranteed with youth. 

Many common ED causes are prevalent, even in young men. In a study of Swiss men between 18-25, researchers found that as much as 30% of those surveyed experienced ED. {{2}} 

Diabetes, plaque buildup in the arteries (atherosclerosis), and psychological barriers can all contribute to ED in young men. Take heart health, for example. Studies show that atherosclerosis begins as early as 15 in both men and women. {{3}} Strong erections become difficult to achieve when blood flow to the penis is blocked. The good news for young men with ED is that treatment is available, and there’s time to address the underlying cause as well.

ED meds like Viagra and Cialis have a rep for being the old man’s cure. In reality, Viagra and Cialis are safe for most men 18 and above. Nowadays, online telemedicine services such as mailMymeds make getting treatment quick, affordable, and discreet. With treatment, younger and older men alike can achieve consistent performance and rediscover their sexual prowess.

Myth #3: Erectile Dysfunction is All in the Head

Like how most myths are part-truths, the same goes for saying, “ED is all mental.” Many psychological factors can cause ED, including stress, anxiety, and depression. If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, it may be difficult to initiate intimacy and perform as expected. 

However, the problem with thinking ED is all in the head is that it becomes easy to neglect the physical aspect. Poor cardiovascular health, high blood pressure, obesity, and many more health conditions are very real causes of ED, and trying to overcome your symptoms with solely mental strength will only lead to more frustration.

The best approach to treating ED is a well-rounded one. Take both mental and physical health into account when speaking with your doctor for the best chance of success.

Myth #4: Erectile Dysfunction is Incurable

Erectile dysfunction isn’t a life sentence like many would have you believe. If you think ED is incurable, you’ve lost the battle before it’s even started. Your doctor will tell you that treating the underlying cause of ED is just as important, if not more important, as managing the symptoms. Remove the underlying cause, and your ED can very possibly be reversed.

A healthy lifestyle can significantly improve your overall health. It may not be an immediate cure, but doing things like exercising regularly and avoiding smoking can give your body time to recover. A balanced diet is also extremely important for both heart and erectile health. And if your ED symptoms are mainly caused by psychological factors, a therapist can help you work through stress and anxiety to gradually rediscover your sexual potential. 

In the meantime, treating and managing your ED symptoms is easier than ever before. A reputable online service like mailMymeds can have your ED meds delivered directly to your home. Just because you are treating the cause doesn’t mean you need to miss out on sexual satisfaction.  

Myth #5: Erectile Dysfunction Meds Don’t Help

This one is a no-brainer. ED drugs like Viagra (sildenafil) and Cialis (tadalafil) have successfully helped millions of men overcome their symptoms for years, and a number of clinical trials have proven the safety and effectiveness of these meds. 

ED treatments are considered safe because of how they work. Essentially, drugs like Viagra and Cialis improve the strength of your erections by promoting blood flow to the penis. They also stay effective for a long time. For example, Cialis can work in as quickly as 30 minutes and help you stay ready for sex for up to 36 hours. ED meds help, as long as they are taken properly and in the right doses. 

The Truth Will Set You… On Track to Better Sexual Health

No man wants to deal with erectile dysfunction. And yes, it can be deeply discouraging to be diagnosed with this condition. But when you understand that ED symptoms are treatable and ED meds are highly effective, it gets easier (because you get harder).

Sexual health is a crucial part of your overall well-being. By taking care of this aspect of your life, you’ll likely feel happier and more fulfilled. The right treatment choices can help you rediscover your sexual ability, and getting your facts right about ED is the first step to making those choices.