3 Must-Have Survival Skills for Outdoor Adventure Lovers

No matter what you love to do outdoors, it’s important to have the skills and the tools to handle the dangers that arise when you’re out in nature — especially if you love to go out alone.

Even if you still recall those days of learning to make fire at sleepaway camp, it’s important to brush up each year on new tools and tactics for safety to go along with your outdoor fitness routine.

The tips below are from survivalist experts who spend their days sharing tools for maintaining safety and comfort in the wilderness.

1. Remove Ticks with a Needle, Not with Fire

We’ve seen the old movie images, someone has a tick and starts running circles genuinely grossed out by the announcement that a blood-sucking insect is feeding on their body.

The experienced outdoorsman then walks over with a smirk and uses the end of his smoking cigarette to release his friend from the clutches of the tick.

According to Carl Weil, on the Wilderness Medicine blog, burning the tick can often mean burning yourself too and isn’t the best way to remove them effectively. Instead, he suggests using a clean safety pin, inserting it into the hole where the tick has burrowed and popping the head out.

The goal is to release the tick without leaving parts of it in your skin, which can cause infection.

2. Don’t Overpack Your Survival Kit

Sometimes referred to as a “Bug-Out-Bag,” it’s important to have a survival kit that’s prepared for anything, but won’t weigh you down with unnecessary bulk.

Jim Cobb, the author of the Survival Weekly blog, suggests thinking wisely about what you pack and avoiding heavy items like canned goods.

Focus on lightweight granola and protein bars, peanut butter, tuna and crackers that take up less weight. According to Jim, a 3-hour walk with the bag on your back should tell you if it’s too heavy and needs to be reconfigured.

This handy toolkit is great for those who go into the wilderness for multiple days at a time or are venturing into new areas that might have more treacherous terrain. It’s also great just to have these bags around the house in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

3. Use a “Pyramid Fire” to stay warm all night

Survivalist, Eric Boettcher, suggests building a pyramid with your kindling to create a fire that lasts all night. Doing this will make sure you’re able to sleep through the night and stay warm, especially during the colder months when you’re out camping.

Keep Up with the Latest Updates

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Following experts online is a great way to keep your survival knowledge up to date, so you can stay safe and prepared for anything during wilderness trips and adventures.

The Self-Reliance & Simple Life Experience offers a chance to get to know these experts and learn about tactics and tools for survival in any condition. The event will be held on September 22-23 at the National Western Complex, in Denver, CO.

Learn more at www.selfrelianceexpo.com.



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