4 Myths & Facts: Size Enhancement

Size enhancement or enlargement is riddled with myths that can be harmful to the health of men. The best way to counter that is to familiarize yourself with the facts surrounding size enhancement. It is no secret that this can be a touchy subject for many people. But, it doesn’t have to be. Knowledge is power and having the right information is good for you and in the case of size enhancement, good for your romantic partner.

So, let’s talk about the most common myths and facts about size enhancement pills or supplements for men.

Myth: Size enhancement or enlargement pills increase the size of your penis

There are no scientific evidence supporting this claim. Despite hundreds of ads out there about pills or supplements that enlarge your manhood, don’t be fooled. No matter what product it is and how much it cost, there is no such thing as size enlargement pills. Experts warn the public about these types of drugs because they can be harmful to people.

Fact: Male enhancement pills or supplements improve performance in bed

Don’t confuse size enlargement pills with male enhancement pills. If you are having trouble in bed and its been bothering you for quite a while, then you might consider using male enhancement pills. These pills increase blood flow to your penis which can help you maintain an erection and boost your sex drive. Before you purchase these products though, make sure to visit your doctor or a medical expert that can help you determine if taking such pills would be beneficial for you.

Myth: Viagra gives you an erection that lasts for hours

Did you know that Viagra was introduced as a drug to treat chest pain? Anyway, it was. Now, many people refer to Viagra as the ‘little blue pill’ that helps men in the bedroom. In a sense yes. Viagra is mostly for treating erection problems such as erectile dysfunction. The drug is also sometimes used for treating pulmonary hypertension. That is it. Viagra doesn’t boost your sex drive and it doesn’t give you an erection for hours. Because of these misconceptions, many people consider Viagra as a size or performance-enhancement drug. It’s not. Also, there are other medications or treatments out there for erection problems.

Fact: Sex enhancement supplements are risky

There are a lot of over-the-counter supplements you can get right now at your nearby pharmacy. There have been studies and claims that these products work. However, they also come with risks. There are no definitive studies saying that they are 100% safe to take. So, before you do so, again, visit a doctor to know more.

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Always remember, there are other ways how you can improve your sex game. You can be more active, improving your physique and eventually giving you more stamina and increasing your sexual drive. If you are dealing with so much stress, then you can take a step back because too much on your mind might be a problem in the bedroom. Lastly, is your diet healthy or unhealthy? Alcohol, foods with loads of saturated fat, and soda might be tasty but they are actually sex drive killers.

So, before you start popping pills, better understand your problem and do your research.