If you’re traveling for a sustained period of time, it can wreak havoc on your fitness goals.

As determined as you may be to stick to your fitness routine when you’re on the road, there are likely to be a fair few obstacles preventing you from doing so.

For starters, the gym you signed up to is now thousands of miles away. Also, there’s no guarantee that the local gym will be a good distance from your hotel, nor that it will allow a day or short-term passes.  

If you’re enjoying a city break in Europe, there may be no suitable jogging routes nearby. If you’re on a tropical beach holiday, the temperatures could be too unbearable for any form of outdoor cardio.

These obstacles are all possible to hurdle with a bit of organization before you hop on the plane.

Here are some tips to help you achieve the goal of staying fit while traveling the world.

How to find a good gym while traveling

There are plenty of physical activities you can do without your local gym, but if you are determined to stick to your strength training regime, there are smartphone apps that can help you.

Fitmob is an iPhone app that allows you to attend one-off fitness classes all over the United States. Gymsurfing shows you which nearby gyms offer day passes and how much they’ll cost you.

There are plenty of competitors emerging to these two established apps all the time.

While it may not be necessary to choose your accommodation based on its distance from the nearest available gym, these apps do all your to search various cities before you touch down in them.

Bodyweight exercises

Gym buffs who are used to deadlifts and squat racks might turn their nose up at the idea of maintaining their strength training with bodyweight workouts, but they’d be wrong to do so.

Whether you’re engaging in yoga, pilates or HIIT routines, it’s more than possible to build muscle without lifting any weights. Not convinced? Check out our comparison of yoga and weight-lifting.

There are plenty of ‘seven-minute workout’ apps on iOS and Android to give you ideas.  What’s more, you’ll be able to perform these routines in the comfort of your air-conditioned hotel room.  

If you’re desperate for some tools to help freshen up your workouts, consider packing some light resistance bands. They’ll be a lot easier to carry around than dumbbells.  

Explore your surroundings

Even if you’re mostly traveling on business trips, you should get an opportunity to explore your new surroundings.

If you do, consider doing so on foot, rather than hopping in a taxi. You’ll see more of the city and get some cardio under your belt at the same time. Many popular tourist destinations in Europe and Asia have fantastic hiking trails. Alternatively, you could make the time to attend a free walking tour, which takes place daily in most large tourist-heavy cities across the world.  

Take up the local sport

If hiking isn’t your thing, there could well be a different physical activity taking place that tickles your fancy. Are you in a coastal destination that’s good for surfing or diving or other watersports? Why not give them a go? Maybe there’s even a local dance class you can attend. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Excuses about unsuitable temperatures or poor logistics hold mustard for those who aren’t too bothered about their health and fitness goals.

With these top tips at your disposal, you’ll be able to find a way to stick to stay fit on the road if you want it badly enough.

If you struggle to find the inspiration to stay active while traveling, check out these tips to stay motivated.

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