There are many videos and write-ups on the internet that all try to teach you how to better yourself mentally. They often contain weird and unrealistic procedures and methods. I am a person with far above average IQ and I believe that my word is enough authority in this regard because I wasn’t always this smart.

The truth is that my IQ increase was a function of both natural growth and my conscious personal development. As you grow older, your understanding, thinking capability, and speed also grow.

But the same happens with your body, physically. You grow bigger and stronger; but do you develop muscles and abs by simply waiting for nature to affect you? Of course not. To build the muscles of your mind, you should work on these 5 tips which I have classified into two stages or groups.

Before you exercise, you are advised to clear a space, do some stretches, etc. This also applies to improving your mental health. Here are what you need to do.

1. Always Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated not only helps your body to function properly, it also helps your brain. When you are hydrated, you can think better and your brain will be cool enough to function better and grow.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Research says that people who sleep late have higher IQ than those who don’t. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get enough sleep. If you have time in the day, a short nap isn’t a bad idea and then your night sleep does the rest. But since many of us work through the afternoon, I advise that you get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Forget eight hours. It is unrealistic for many. Whatever you do, never go six hours. If something keeps you up, ensure that you make up for it the next night. Sleep allows your brain rest. A well-rested brain works better.

3. Exercise Your Body

Exercise does a lot to release the tension in your body in ways that you don’t know. Jogging and swimming are great exercises for the mind. Also, building your physical strength helps your brain function better because your body can now take it. Notice how the smartest people in the world usually have some sort of defect. Your brain might refuse to work at full potential if it feels like your body cannot take it, which would come back to hurt the brain anyway. So it just stays at its present level.

4. Play Games and Solve Puzzles

Games and puzzles have a way of tasking the brain and making it think outside the box. Doing this improves your mental health and IQ. Now the muscles of your brain can work out and your brain can flex its biceps. Remember to be excited when you win a game or solve a puzzle. Reward yourself for it. This way, your brain wants to do even better next time. Always treat your brain as a part of you but also as a different entity or person.

5. Learn Eclectically

To develop your IQ, you need to read and learn. Movies and books help to learn and understand new things. Know a little of everything. Do not limit yourself. Try out the best of everything. Read the most exciting topics in different fields. Remember, to think outside the box, you need to know what’s outside the box, right? Great!

Let’s all stay true to these tips and think better.

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