Do you have a huge problem with your hair? Probably about dandruff, fuzzy, or dry hair? Don’t worry because, in this article, I am going to give you best of 7 hair hacks and tips to take your hair to the next level.

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Be Gentle On Your Hair

Don’t be so harsh on scrubbing your hair with your hands while shampooing, just make sure that you use enough force that you also use in rubbing soap, and make sure that it’s not so hard because it’s irritating your scalp. Scalp irritation can overstimulate your glands and cause them to make more sebum.

Many people, especially if they are in a rush, are aggressively scrubbing their hair with their towel just to dry it quickly, but doing this to your wet hair which is more vulnerable to damage is going to lead to excessive damage to your hair follicles. Experts suggest that you use only a soft touch or just dump your hair with a towel when you are trying to dry it to avoid hair damage.

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Use Hair Styling Products

Many styling products are designed to keep people’s hair in its best shape. Hair gels and creams for example are specially formulated to keep a certain hairstyle in its best place. With these types of hairstyling products, people need not worry much about the weather and windy conditions when going outdoors and it will keep their hair in its best style.

Also, applying some heat protection spray, mousse, or a sea salt spray before you use any hair product can give your hair a little bit of added volume and the best look that you desire.

Know Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is so important because you can use it as an advantage. Being aware of your face shape can help you to decide the best haircut that is going to give you your best look. With just having this little knowledge about your face structure, you’ll be able to use it to have an idea about what hairstyle is gonna give you your best look.

There are seven basic face shapes; diamond, oval, round, heart, square, oblong, and triangle.

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Use Conditioner

Using conditioner helps in regaining the moisture back into your hair and helps to smooth your strands for a shiny, soft, healthy finish. Just the same thing that happens when you wash your face and then apply moisturizer. A conditioner is a moisturizer that is designed for your hair. It adds moisture and protects your hair from any damage.

One of the best benefits of using conditioner is that it makes your hair smoother and makes it easy for you to style it on your desired hairstyle. It also makes your hair look shinier, more vibrant, and softer to the touch. Conditioner is one of the essential things that you need to keep your hair healthy.

Take Lukewarm Showers

Doing hot showers in the morning or evening will strip all of the natural oils out of your hair and it will become dry and more prone to hair damage, this is also the same thing that will happen if you take too much cold water for a bath.

Too cold showers will narrow the capillaries in your scalp and it will lower the blood flow in that area and which means your hair won’t be receiving the nutrients it needs to keep your hair and scalp healthy. So your best shot is to have a shower with lukewarm water.

Additional: There is nothing bad about showering with hot and cold water, just make sure that it’s not too hot or too cold because it can damage your hair.

Don’t Use Shampoo Too Much

One of the dangerous ingredients in shampoo that can damage your hair is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), which causes damage to hair follicles and causes hair loss. SLS is a foaming agent in shampoo that has protein-denaturing properties that cause inflammation and skin irritation with many other scalp problems.

SLS also works as a surfactant, which means it is trapping oils and dirt in your hair so it can rinse away with water.

Daily shampooing can decrease the natural production of oils in the skin, thus causing various skin irritations. Frequent use of shampoo can cause skin inflammation, rashes, redness, itching, and eczema, because of the various harsh chemicals present in shampoo and also other beauty products.

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Keep It Natural

Too much perming, coloring, straightening, and other hair treatments will severely damage your hair. So avoid these types of hair treatments but if you did, just make sure that you don’t overdo it because it can cause further consequences.

Experts also suggest that it can increase the risks of overprocessing hair and the possibility of conjunctivitis are among the side effects of hair dye. It may also cause allergic reactions due to certain chemicals, such as paraphenylenediamine, which can cause skin irritation and redness, as well as an asthma attack in severe cases.

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