Perhaps one of the most complicated topics to talk about is dating and relationships. It may seem cliché, but sweeping a woman off her feet may not always be like in the movies. It’s not always about getting kissed in the middle of the rain or holding hands while your cheeks turn red from blushing.
It may not only be good looks or the amount of money in the pocket that will make you attractive to the opposite sex. Furthermore, being too wordy about how you feel about your lady love may not turn her on. Nevertheless, efforts to make your love interest feel special in any way you can matter most.
If you want a sure-fire way to attract women, have a hobby – an interesting hobby, that is. According to science, taking up at least one hobby not only can expand your connections and maintain a healthy work-life balance but also help you find your potential mate.
On the contrary, you don’t have to force yourself to take a hobby you don’t really like just for the sake of impressing a woman. After all, it will resonate through your actions whether you are sincere with your current passion in life. At the end of the day, being true to yourself is still the best way to go.

1. Be a Bookworm.

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men

Whether you like reading fiction or non-fiction, DIY books, or whatever topics on the list, reading will definitely take you places. Nothing beats gaining knowledge by sitting in your favorite couch or going to your favorite library/bookstore, reading a book, and smelling its unmistakable scent.
Reading a lot can also help you think of an interesting topic to talk about on your first date. Your love interest will surely be attracted and impressed with your love of books.

2. Be Green-Minded.

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men

Not THAT green-minded – we are pertaining to gardening. Just when you think that taking good care of flowers and herbs are only for middle-aged moms and the elderly, you are wrong. For some reason, a manly man taking an interest in tending greens (regardless whether a backyard or an “urban” garden) can actually be a plus for women.
Not only does it require meticulous knowledge and patience about taking care of plants, but also shows you care for the environment and appreciate the beauty of nature – and your love interest’s beauty, of course.

3. Cook It Up!

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men


They say that women belong in the kitchen. Nowadays, men do as well. Who doesn’t like eating good food after all? Whether you’re hunky, campus crush-type of guy or just your average Joe, the fact that a man who can work his way in the kitchen can turn women on.
Cooking for the one you love is more than just serving her freshly-made, home-cooked meals – it’s also showing affection for your loved one.  After all, cooking is a labor of love especially when you make it from scratch. Why not have a romantic date at home and whip up some freshly-cooked meals for your lady love? Add some wine and lit candles, and she’ll surely love it!

4. Hit a Note.

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men

Way back in high school days, boys would normally channel their inner musician and attempt to strike a chord and jam like there’s no tomorrow. Learning to play an instrument or sing on tune can be a challenge and requires years of practice. However, if you really want to do it, then go for it – especially if you want to attract women with your musical expertise.
For some reason, women are drawn into men who are musically-inclined. In fact, men who do have talent in music often use their gift to be appealing to the opposite sex. Who knows, your lady love will eventually be your biggest musical fan in the world. Then again, you won’t have to force yourself to learn a song unless you are a frustrated musician all these years.

5. Be a Health Buff.

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men


A recent study revealed that men who include sports and healthy living in their Tinder profiles have higher chances of getting “swiped to the right”. After all, who doesn’t want a potential long-term partner in life who is also a health and fitness buff? Joining sports and having a regular fitness regimen also reveals about yourself in terms of sportsmanship and discipline, in which the latter may be hard to achieve by men who are not into healthy living.

6. Surf and Dive.

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men

Another way to turn women on is being a beach bum. Seeing hot, shirtless men with surfboards on tow can definitely attract women. You see, surfing is not just a simple past time – it requires an excellent sense of balance and being in good shape enough to take the waves on.
On the other hand, scuba diving can also pique a woman’s interest. Like surfing, scuba diving also requires taking a risk in exploring the underwater. For men who are into this past time, nothing beats being one with the hidden gems under the sea during summer days. Nonetheless, surfing the waves and scuba diving can take you into a whole new level of experiencing nature.

7. Travel the World.

7 Hobbies Women Find Most Attractive Among Men

The world is a big and nice place to be explored, so take advantage of it and appreciate what’s outside your comfort zone. On the side, a well-traveled man can also impress ladies.
Your travel escapades can also be a conversation starter on your first date, and your love interest may be wanting for more. You can even offer to be a tour guide the next time you and your date decide to go in an out-of-town escapade. Life is too short to stay in one place – travel a lot especially when you’re single and young!

Final thoughts

In choosing a potential life partner, one must go beyond attractive and well-kept facial hair and chiseled torsos (for men), and voluptuous curves and flawless skin (for women). These traits will eventually fade as you grow older.
On the other hand, life skills and hobbies will always be innate no matter how old you get. Not only can these impressive hobbies help you get the woman of your dreams, but it will also be part of your personal portfolio which you can pass down to the next generation.

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