Every man wants to look and feel good during the summer. While it might be hot and humid, you shouldn’t settle for just a plain t-shirt and shorts, which will make you appear the opposite of sophisticated and stylish.

If you want to look effortlessly chic once the sun starts to shine, check out this helpful guide on how to create a cool summer style.

Stand Out with Printed Swim Shorts

If you plan to rock nothing but swim shorts on the beach or by the pool this summer, it doesn’t mean your style can’t stand out from the crowd. Prove you are a stylish dresser by donning a pair of printed swim shorts, which will make others take notice of you. A playful print will add personality into your wardrobe this summer, so pick a bold pattern over a pair of plain, boring shorts.

Look Timeless with a Breton Top

One style that never goes out of fashion every summer season is the Breton top, which was initially designed as a fashionable tribute to Napoleon, with each of the 21 stripes representing each one of his victories. Since then, the design has proved popular with fashion lovers across the world. It’s the perfect way to channel the allure of the beautiful French Riviera. Plus, it is a flexible garment to add to your wardrobe this summer, as it is available in both short and long-sleeve shirt styles.

Wear a Cool Basketball Jersey

If you are still reeling from a superb NBA season and want to feel cool and stylish this summer, don your favorite sports jersey, which could either be from the NBA champions or an underrated team like the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, or New Orleans Pelicans. It can look great with a pair of shorts or ripped denim jeans.

Tap into Streetwear Tees

Tap into the popular streetwear trend by buying a fashionable printed tee, which will ensure you both look and feel cool this sun-filled season. For example, few clothing styles are cooler than a classic black Nike t-shirt with a white swoosh, which can look ideal when worn with a pair of crisp white sneakers.

Adorn a Breathable Cotton Pique Polo

If you want to channel your inner Roger Federer this summer, add a classic cotton pique polo to your wardrobe, which is the perfect way to celebrate upcoming Wimbledon. The casual top can look effortlessly smart and stylish, and it can look great when paired with a slick pair of Oxford shorts. It also commonly features a breathable fabric, which is ideal for those intense sunrays.

Invest in a Pair of Dark Leather Sandals

While there is nothing wrong with wearing a pair of pool sliders or flip-flops when on vacation, you can enjoy some air between your toes by investing in a pair of dark leather sandals, which are ideal when exploring the city or hanging out at a local beach. For example, a black pair will add a touch of summer sophistication to your wardrobe, and it can also suit a variety of shades and clothing styles.

A Guide to a Cool Summer Style
A Caribbean coast beach

Beige Chinos for a Smart Summer Style

You don’t need to leave your chinos hanging in the wardrobe this summer. Instead, you can opt for a lighter shade that will look undoubtedly smart this summer. For example, a beige design can perfectly complement the season and suit almost every color in your wardrobe. It’s ideal for those who want to wear a smart-casual outfit for work or a party.

The Summer-Friendly Linen Shirt

Every man should have a white linen shirt hanging in his wardrobe in time for the summer season. The breathable fabric can make you feel relaxed and cool, even during the hottest of temperatures. Plus, it can complement your sun-kissed skin and can be worn with a casual pair of shorts or a smart pair of chinos.

A Comfy Pair of Espadrilles

Uncomfortable shoes and intense heat can be a bad combination. To prevent your feet from aching when strolling on the beach or attending a BBQ, you should opt for something a little more comfortable, such as a cool pair of espadrilles.

Not only will the lightweight fabric ensure that they feel cozy on your feet, but they are also easy to slip on and off. What’s more, they feature a non-slip rubber base, so you’re less likely to slip by the pool or at the bar.

Wear a Sweat Proof T-Shirt

A great way to avoid underarm sweat stains in the heat of the summer is to wear sweat resistant shirts. This type of t-shirt will keep you feeling confident and looking dry. You won’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains or be needing to change your shirt throughout the course of a hot day.

Protect Your Feet with Invisible Socks

While espadrilles can look sleek and stylish, they can appear the opposite when worn with a pair of socks. To protect your feet without detracting from your look, you should wear a pair of invisible socks, which can create the illusion that you aren’t wearing any at all. However, you should wear a pair with a rubber grip on their heel, which can prevent them from slipping off your feet.

Battle Cool Temperatures with a Merino Sweater

While the sun might be glorious throughout the day, temperatures can quickly plummet once evening arrives. To keep yourself warm during the summer evenings, you should add a Merino wool sweater to your wardrobe in time for the season, as it offers temperature-regulating properties.

Add Some Spice to Your Style with a Cuban Shirt

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio, who wore a cool floral Cuban shirt in Romeo + Juliet, or you want to channel Ryan Gosling in La La Land, you should opt for this quirky shirt style. It will appear undoubtedly cool on a hot summer night, and it could add a little spice to your style. The 1950s Americana look can also come in a range of colors and designs to suit your personality.

So, if you want to look stylish from head to toe throughout the summer season, you cannot go wrong with the above stylish clothing and footwear options. It will ensure you look cool and sophisticated either by the beach or at an al fresco dinner party.