2019’s biggest diet trends for men include the ketogenic diet, paleo, alkaline, Mediterranean, and flexitarian diet. Of course, not every diet works for every male, and you’ll want to test each one before committing to one.

However, with a Harvard study revealing that a healthy diet can add $2,000 onto your food bill, it’s wise to seek out low-cost ways to trial these diets first so that you can be sure which is the best one for you.

Try before you buy

Subscription boxes are a great way to try out 2019’s biggest diet fads without parting with too much of your cash. 15% of online consumers currently receive a regular subscription box delivery, according to Forbes, with the average spend coming in at $25 per month.

What’s more, having a delivery of goods to your door means that you won’t be tempted to splurge more in the grocery store and it will allow you to see if the diet works for you.

Stick to the basics

One of the most popular diets among the male population is the ketogenic one. This means you must cut the number of carbs that you consume from your diet considerably and up your meat, fish, and fat consumption. Too often, keto followers promote baking your own bread, cakes, pizza, and biscuits with low-carb flours.

However, the likes of coconut flour and almond flour are pricey, with almond flour costing $5.49 per lb at Walmart. It’s, therefore, best to stick to the keto staples to see if it works for you, before investing in these costly ingredients.

Free diet support

Research shows that tracking your weight loss and food consumption can lead to greater weight loss. As such, if you’re one of the 73.7% of U.S. males who are overweight or obese, you’ll find that you need to commit to the cost of both your new diet, a fitness tracker, and tracker apps to ensure that you’re shifting the pounds.

But while you’re testing out which diet promotes the greatest weight loss for you, stick to free tracking apps, such as My Fitness Pal, Yazio, and My Diet Coach. These will track the basics and set you on the right path while you determine the most effective diet to aid your weight loss.

Following every diet trend in a bid to find the perfect one for you will soon burn a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, you can overcome this and still find your ideal weight loss tool by testing products in subscription boxes, following a basic version of your chosen diet, and seeking out free support rather than costly alternatives.