There are a myriad of reasons one might take their daily supplements, and not all of them because your physician told you about whatever vitamin deficiency is most hip these days. With proper research, you can use supplements to experience various positive effects on the mind and body, from better general health to better performance in your personal favorite exercise routine or sport.

What if I told you that, with the right supplement routine, you could improve your sex life naturally? You’re probably thinking, “yeah, but you mentioned research and I’m a little too busy for a google search.” Luckily for you, I’ve done it all for you.


You’ve probably heard of ginseng being recommended for a general energy boost, similar to caffeine but it’s effects being a little more potent. What you may not know, is that ginseng is a key ingredient in most male potency drugs, and has long been used in eastern medicine to increase overall libido and help certain folks with erectile dysfunction. Studies with red ginseng in particular leads to more rigid erections and overall sperm count and production in most males. Take it easy with this one though, it isn’t recommended to take more than 2,000 milligrams a day.

Maca Root Powder

Maca is an Andean plant that’s in the mustard family. After grinding the root into a fine powder, it’s been found as one of the most “natural drugs” for the improvement of desire and creativity. Maca has been used for centuries in the Andes to enhance fertility in humans and animal and is best consumed in a smoothie or homemade juice. Just make sure you have a creative or sexual outlet for sometime after consuming it.

Vitamin E

Simple right? Bet you didn’t know that vitamin E supplements foster higher quality sperm according to the International Journal of General Medicine. In the study, over 600 men who were suffering from fertility issues began taking 200 micrograms for 100 days straight.

Turns out over 50 percent reported improvements in sperm motility and form, while a whole 11 percent of the subjects were able to impregnate their partner after taking it. This lead the study to conclude that healthy doses of this vitamin has extremely beneficial to the issue of infertility. But hey, if you aren’t having fertility problems, higher sperm count and form doesn’t sound so bad!


Not only does zinc improve your overall endurance and energy levels, it can help with your libido and sexual health dramatically. This is in large part due to the boost in testosterone levels the mineral provides, boosting your sex drive and again, your overall sexual health. Zinc supplementation prevents inhibition of testosterone concentrations, meaning that it allows your T levels to flow through the body freely, leading to a myriad of health benefits. Particularly in the bedroom.


Suffering from erectile dysfunction in any way? Look no further than L-Arginine, as just 5 grams per day for six weeks have found improvements in sexual function in men with these issues. This supplement is an amino acid that exists in the body to make proteins. Once it’s in your body, it’s converted to nitric oxide, with relaxes the blood vessels for improved blood flow. You can see the connection, I’m sure.

Pine Pollen

Tried and true. This stuff is full of vitamins and amino acids that help boost the bodies existing functions naturally, containing phyto-androgens (that includes testosterone) which have an effect similar to anabolic steroids. Except you know, it’s not steroids and is 100 percent natural, and generates extra testosterone in the testicles particularly. This stuff contains a lot of the vitamins and minerals I’ve mentioned previously, including l-arginine, so if you have any issues in the bedroom, this should really be the first “drug” (not a drug) that you give a try.

When In Doubt, Go Au Natural


Don’t believe all the crazy pills and expensive over the counter drugs that promise to reinvent your sex life overnight for a crazy price. Odds are you can get the same effects, often even better, for a fraction of the price and completely naturally. I know I said I’d done all the research for you, but make sure you do your own research, if you have any pre-existing medications or conditions, have a chat with your doctor before you start anything.

After you’ve done you’ve been diligent and made a decision to get on the road to better sexual health, you’ll be glad you did. Remember, these supplements help with treatment of existing conditions like ED and infertility, but the effects they have to persist no matter who you are. You just might want to warn your partner before they kick in.

Photo by Josh Willink

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