Vodka might not be the first drink you think of when you have your brunch. However, if you turn it into flavored vodka by adding an extra ingredient, vodka is just what you need to get you going for the day. On top of this, it works well with French toast and eggs, the most common dishes for a brunch.

1. Hairy Navel

A Hairy Navel is a great peach, orange and citrus vodka mix, which pairs well with most dishes you might have for brunch. Depending on the vodka content, it can be mild enough to enable you to carry on with your day right after drinking it. Because it is relatively light, it’s a great drink for light dishes.

2. Bloody Mary

For a casserole, the perfect drink is a Bloody Mary. You might want to avoid it if you have a fruity, sweet brunch, but it is amazing with pancakes. Because it has a high content of tomato juice, the flavored vodka you add to it will be light enough to allow you to drink the Mary in the morning.

3. The classic: Screwdriver

The Screwdriver is the classic brunch drink, but it is also very versatile. Because the traditional recipe asks for orange juice and vodka, you can easily give it a boost with blueberry flavored vodka, for example. Or another type of vodka which can add a spark to this old-time favorite.

4. Strawberry lemonade

We all know how refreshing lemonade is, but it can be boring sometimes. To add a new twist to this drink, toss in some strawberries and lemon vodka. The extra fruity flavors will transform the simple lemonade, without cutting down its unique freshness.

5. Hibiscus punch

The sweet taste of a hibiscus punch is perfect for a fruity brunch. To make it even more appealing, add some lemon-lime flavored vodka to it. You can also add rum, depending on how exotic you want it to be. Either way, this punch is perfect for a brunch.

6. A different type of tea

Why join your brunch with plain tea, if you can add a special kick to it? Spice up your regular tea with cherry flavored vodka and some lemon juice or orange vodka. The result is definitely brunch material.

Photo by Eaters Collective on Unsplash

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