Nike is a shoe brand that is well known for more than a decade. Some of the best Nike running shoes always rank at the top under the running shoe category. Nike always maintains a strong commitment to their faster-running shoe feature. The brand keeps on launching its shoes with various styles and sporty looks every year. If you are considering going on adventurous hitting the pavement, then the best Nike running shoes in inevitable on the market.

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Nike’s sneakers and athletic shoes are what that standouts and uphold the legacy. When you decide to buy one of the best Nike running shoes, then the mesh uppers, midsoles, top-notch quality of outsoles is something that cannot be ignored. The running shoes are known to provide comfort in the ankles and strong feet and will surely give you bouncy foam. The durability feature of Nike shoes will make you run faster even on unstable ground. From trail running to jogging around and marathoning, we have shortlisted some of the best Nike running shoes that will be ideal for you.

Tips for Choosing Best Nike Running Shoes

Shortlist Your Options

According to Nike club, choose only Nike running shoes and not walking or any kind of lifestyle shoe. The running shoe is made for linear movement. You should feel comfortable and cushioned throughout your running movement. Avoid selecting a training shoe if you are opting for a running shoe.

Focus On Feel

Focus on Feel

When you are hoping for a running shoe focus on comfort and bouncing capability. If you get hotspots on the ankle after trying the Nike shoe then avoid it. Check the shoe grip and how long it’s durable.

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Get the Perfect Size

Size matters when you are selecting the perfect shoe. Choose the correct pair of Nike shoes or you will end up getting shoe bites or blisters. For selecting running shoes make sure that enough space is there between your toe and tip of the shoe. Otherwise, running will become uncomfortable. If you are able to try shoes after running or doing a workout then it is definitely a pro point. If you have a flat type of feet then choose a shoe that has proper support to your feet. People with high arch can actually wear whatever they want.

Some of the Best Nike Running Shoes

Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Best Nike Running Shoes
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The Zoom Air unit provides ventilation to the shoe and is also durable and responsive. The React Foam gives more energy return. This running shoe will take your run to a next level. The perfect padding helps to prevent hotspots. It delivers a good bounce at every step. As compared to the previous version, Pegasus 37 is much better.

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ZoomX Vaporfly Next %

ZoomX Vaporfly Next %
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On the forefoot, it is coated with Zoomx foam that is light weighted and springy. The outsole of this Nike shoe is made with thick rubber for channeling water. When in wet conditions, your can expect good traction and also copes up with milder paces.

Nike Wildhorse 7

Nike Wildhorse 7 Best Nike Running Shoes
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If you are running on the muddy ground, hard surfaces, wet places and rocky trails then go for this shoe. Strong grip and dimples on the outsole are the standout features of the shoe. You will not experience foot slip or shifting inside the shoe. Wildhorse will make you run and hike anywhere without thinking about the surface ground. It is the best companion shoe for your adventurous tours.

Nike Zoom Fly 3

Nike Zoom Fly 3 Best Nike Running Shoes
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It is a top-level speedster shoe. It is best suited for temp workouts and marathons. However, it is slightly expensive but versatile and worth it. The shoe has already passed the long-distance test and is ranked one of the best Nike running shoes for marathons.

Nike Free RN 5.0

Nike Free RN 5.0
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If you are running up to 3 miles only then it is an ideal running shoe for you. It comes in colors like White, Black and Blue and gives you a sporty decent look. With every running step you can expect a barefoot sensation. The midsole foam in this shoe ensures breathability and flexibility.

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