Testosterone hormones are biosynthesized by the body and play a significant role in mass building, improving sex drive, and the development of masculine traits in males. Hormonal changes occur affecting the natural synthesis of this chemical which calls for alternative solutions. The level decreases with increasing ages besides other medical complications. Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment solution taken to improve the hormone’s production level. Men suffering from hypogonadism are eligible for testosterone replacement therapy too.

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

 Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is recommended treatment strategy to correct the decreased production of testosterone hormone. The process includes exogenous administration of the hormone through injections, pills, skin creams, and patches. In addition to balancing the hormones, people opt to undertake treatments to counter the aging process.

When do you know it’s right to take TRT?

TRT is meant to boost testosterone concentration in the body. It is good to consider taking the therapy only when they have taken a test to assess the testosterone blood level. Get appointments with your physician and take the test three times. Based on the results, they will know if it is right to recommend the replacement therapy. In addition to a blood test, monitor if you have signs and symptoms of low testosterone level.

These symptoms include low libido, loss of body mass, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, fatigue, and low energy.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

What are the pros of having TRT?

After taking any treatment, our bodies will react differently. Similarly, testosterone replacement therapy carries its benefits, but men record varying experiences. The positive reports about TRT include;

  • It improves one’s libido
  • People enhance their well-being and mood
  • Increase bone strength and density. An increase in bone density is a step to lower osteoporosis problems.
  • Improved physical performance and muscle mass
  • One becomes sharp and alert all the time

How does TRT help men boost testosterone levels?

There are many ways in which men can boost their testosterone levels. Some opt for natural methods, which includes changing diet, sleeping pattern, and other lifestyles habits. TRT is a faster way to improve hormone levels. The therapy helps men because they get direct supplementation of the active compound.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone hormone and its benefits to men

Testosterone is manufactured in the ovaries and testicles. Its primary role is the development of male genitalia and masculine characteristic.

The hormone is vital in men because;

  • It enhances muscle bulking
  • Improves bone strengthening
  • Helps in body fats distribution
  • Support the growth of body and facial hair
  • Influence sexual and reproduction functioning
  • Aids in red blood cells manufacture

What leads to low testosterone levels in men?

 Men experience testosterone hormone concentration changes in adults ages. With increasing age from 30 years, there is a gradual decrease in the hormone level at a rate of 1-2 percent annually. This condition is also known as hypogonadism. In addition to aging, hypogonadism can result from pituitary glands, hypothalamus, and testicles problems. Other causes of low testosterone are testicle injury, chronic diseases, chemotherapy side effects, HIV/AIDS, alcohol abuse, puberty delay, and radiation therapy.

Sum up

Testosterone hormone is vital and plays a significant role in shaping a man’s appearance, mental health, and characterization. The drop in its levels is natural, and there is a solution; Testosterone replacement therapy. Therefore, if you are struggling with energy levels and low libido, you should look into how to get testosterone replacement therapy as it could help restore your health.