India always had a soft corner for whisky, and it shows well according to the stats. It consumes as much whisky as the rest of the world combined and the numbers are only growing. Whisky, when consumed responsibly, makes for a perfect timeout from the daily life. Whether you’re a single malt whisky fan or have a thing for the best whisky brands in India; the options are endless. However, whisky can be expensive, at least the ones on the top shelf.

Today, we are listing down the best whisky for your money. These are some of the best whisky brands in India and must be on every connoisseur’s list.

Imperial Blue

A highly popular whisky brand in India, Imperial Blue enjoys high sales, all thanks to its smooth flavour. It carries a slogan of ‘Men Will Be Men’ and is owned by Pernod Ricard. If you’re looking to get value for your money, Imperial Blue will not let you down. It is a perfect weekend drink, or when you’re looking to let your hair down with your friends. A premium whisky, Imperial Blue serves right to every palate.


Rockdove is a relatively new offering by Hermes Distillery. The distillery has given India its own top shelf liquor and has become a renowned whiskey company in a relatively less time. Rockdove is witnessing great sales since it was first introduced and offers a premium whisky experience. This whisky can compete against some single malt whiskies and is definitely one of the best whisky brands in India. If you’re looking for a whisky with an exquisite taste that offers value for your money, look no further than Rockdove.

McDowell’s No. 1

An offering by Diageo India, McDowell’s No. 1 is a famous whiskey in India. Another premium whisky, McDowell’s No. 1 has aged well since it was first introduced in the 1960s and has maintained its sales numbers in the country. Anyone who’s been drinking for long has crossed paths with McDowell’s No. 1. It has a vanilla palate and offers a woody aroma with a spicy finish. Also, it is available in three reserves if money is no bar.


A little expensive than all other options on this list, Antiquity is a premium whiskey that is manufactured by United Spirits in India. It is another excellent value for money option that is made from the finest Indian malts. Available in two variants – Blue and Rare, Antiquity is known for its signature woody aroma.

Royal Stag

Anyone who has ever gone to a liquor store in India has seen a bottle of Royal Stag. People in India who consume whisky have had Royal Stag at least once in their lifetime. It is the best bang for your buck if you’re chasing a smoky flavour. Not only this, the sheer sales number of Royal Stag is an evidence of its success.

Most whisky fans in India must have had tried the brands mentioned above. Not only are these extremely value for money, but they also don’t compromise on taste or aroma either. Nevertheless, if you have never had any of these, or missed out on a bottle or two, we’d suggest you pick up Rockdove from your neighbourhood liquor store and get started. It is one of the best whisky brands in India and a total value for your money.

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