There’s going to be plenty of times when you aren’t feeling the gym. You are probably burnt from the busy schedule, you just started going to the gym or simply just want to take a week off. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on muscle growth. There’s plenty of ways of engaging your muscles without actually stepping foot into a gym.

But many fitness rats and newbies haven’t been privy to such details. We have broken down the five best ways to keep your muscles going and the fat down without taking the plunge in the nearby L.A. Fitness.

Eat a Lot of Protien

No matter if you are slacking at the gym or not, you will need to continue to ingest large levels of protein. The more you eat proteins will mean you will build muscle — more so after the gym of course. But when you’re not lifting weights the protein will continue to maintain the muscles you have already built. If you are nursing an injury, then proteins will help heal those muscles. You should also include bone-broth proteins to your diet as well. That means cooking more homemade soups because the basis of many proteins — both chicken and beef — include using bones from their meats. This type of protein help speed up muscle and gut replenishment. But there’s many supplement stores that have created broth-based protein powders to cook with as well. The The lack of amino acids (which are heavily in proteins) in your body means the muscles will break down and your body’s energy wanes. Those last two things will result in a slow metabolism — which is even more prevalent when you are past 35 years old.

Eat More Food In General

It may sound weird when you are not in the gym. But the more you eat the better you weight will maintain and body slim. The large amount of smaller meals will help keep your metabolism at peak performance. Eating enough food daily will keep your activity and energy levels moving. You have to be conscious on what you eat, however. Eating enough food doesn’t mean you allowed to have a 20-piece of chicken tenders from McDonald’s on a daily basis. You should eat yogurt-filled smoothies for your morning meal. You should have grains and fiber-based meals during the afternoon and then proteins like fish and chicken for dinner. The late night snacks should cheese and cottage cheese — or anything not filled with carbs.

Sleep More

As you continued to kill it at the gym, the definitely heard of the importance of rest. The most important aspect of muscle-building is sleeping more. The more you sleep the more your muscles replenish and heal — no matter if you are at the gym or not. The least sleep you should normally have nightly is seven hours. Rather, you should aim to getting eight hours of shut-eye. Actually more than eight hours of sleep can cause more grogginess so you need to find the balance when you are between the covers.

Attack Everyday Tasks With Intensity

You may still go to the gym on regular basis. But there’s days when you can’t. Even so, you could find ways to maximize expertise with things around you. For one, you could walk the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator. You could bike yourself to work or even walk to work. You should look around and see what will help get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. Even at home there’s things to make you exert your muscles such as carrying heavy boxes or cutting the trees in the backyard. The idea is you will need to be more active if you aren’t push your muscles in the gym.

Start New Physical Hobbies

The warmer months may discourage you from spending time at the gym. But that doesn’t mean you need to just lay on the sand and tan. This is the time to create new interests and activities. The best and most fun is partaking in sports. You could join a basketball league or even a softball team. In the winter, there’s the hockey league. Or you could just start running, and that means running everywhere. You could also beginning hiking. The idea is to keep moving. The more you move; the more you maintain your metabolic flow. The moment you stop and just lay on the beach means you’re prone to weight gain.

The one thing you should know: do is get used to or rely on these tips. The best results are in the gym or on the treadmill or in a cross-fit class. Life does get in the way and that’s why these tips are valuable. Regardless, there are no supplements to laziness.

Image credit: Dillon Shook [Unsplash]

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