Originally made for sailors, boat shoes have transformed from functional items to classic staple pieces for casual wear. As the name suggests, boat shoes are created as practical footwear for boating, with non-slip soles and comfortable insides. They also feature a unique pattern that makes them look chic and versatile enough to pair with whether you’re dressing up or dressing down.

While we know that your wardrobe may be filled with boots and sneakers, boat shoes are also a great pair to consider as a staple. If you’re not sure how you can rock a pair, we have created this helpful guide on some ways that you can wear your favorite boat shoes.

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Tips on wearing boat shoes

While fashion is a place for creativity and self-expression, it still best to observe some fashion rules so you won’t end up being a disaster. Just like most footwear, wearing boat shoes comes with a caveat, and despite their versatility, they cannot be used at some events. Here are a few rules that must remembered when wearing boat shoes:

  • Don’t wear them to formal events. Boat shoes are not created for black-tie affairs. While you may have a character wearing them in such gatherings, it is still best to keep them away on such occasions as they can come across as inappropriate.
  • Don’t wear visible socks. Visible socks ruin the entire look. If you really want to, you can wear no-show socks, which will give you the necessary comfort without you having to worry about looking goofy.
  • Suits are not boat shoes-friendly. Boat shoes are okay for business casual looks, but it’s best not to use them with a three-piece suit.

Boat shoes are great for business casual. Just pair them with chinos and create a whole new level of personality

Wear them during summer

Boat shoes are created for maritime activities. With that, they go well with fun summer wardrobe, paired with shorts and a casual preppy top. They are also extra comfortable, making them great as you go out and take a leisurely stroll by the beach. The perfect summery shoe colors for the beach are navy, tan, and white.

Rock them in a smart casual look

Boat shoes look great with chinos and this match will definitely help you in terms of creating adaptable looks for many occasions. They also look great with jeans, and you can easily wear a plain shirt with a sweater with them, giving you that preppy sophisticated outfit.

Not sure how you to wear your boatshoes? Here are some tips on how you can rock themPair them with your business casual outfit

When wearing boat shoes for business casual, make sure that you choose darker leather colors like brown to easily complement the usual and more formal colors of navy and black. You can pair them with chinos and tailored trousers, as well as a good blazer and a dress shirt.