If you want to take lower body workout and strength training to the next level, then box squats are the key. Doing any kind of squat variations is fine, but box squats help to increase the awareness of your body. According to some fitness coaches and experts box squats also help us to heal from back injuries. It is a great alternative to traditional air squats. For fitness newbies, box squats help to master the techniques of back squats.

The beauty of this workout is it helps to focus more on back muscles and getting the right verticle shin. If you have knee issues you can skip other variations of squat and head straight to box squats. The box squats technique determines the depth level of the squat which is linked to the height of the box. Box squats are a daunting challenge to many powerlifters and bodybuilders because it seems easy but it’s quite difficult to balance your body squatting with the box. Here we have given an ultimate guideline on how to do box squats.

How to do Box Squats

Set Up and Warm-Up

Set up and warm-up Box Squats

Initially just get comfortable with your squat rack. Make sure that box height is correct and suitable according to your squat position. Also, the distance between the barbell and the squat should be ideal enough to walk out of the rack. Try sitting and standing on the box to just warm up your box squats.

Unracking Barbell

You should stand in front of the box with your calves slightly touching it. For a good range of motion try to hover your box.

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Box Squats
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Once you mastered your position, try to push and squat down till your buttocks reach the box. If you drive and push down through your hips, the more you will target your hamstrings, glutes and back. The major tip here would be doing not completely sit on the box. Just touch your butt. Visualize as if you sit on the couch. Sitting completely will injure your spine and back because of heavy barbell weight.

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Final Step

Pause a bit when you are on the edge of the box and then stand up with the barbell. Before jumping to ext rep, when you stand up pause again and then squat on the box.

Reasons to do Box Squats

Reasons to do Box Squats

Strengthens Major Muscle Groups

During regular squats, your center of gravity will be shifted far forward. But box squat technique will focus on verticle shins that will be placed at a perpendicular angle. This form will simultaneously strengthen your hamstring and glutes which is a major benefit. This workout is contributed to more force development than the rest of the squat variations.

Targeting many Muscles at Once

Apart from glutes, you can expect box squats to target other secondary muscles like quads, calves, hips and back muscles. If you do this exercise regularly in a proper form, then this workout turns out to be a terrific compound move that will help to develop core strength and build stamina around your arms. Also, expect activating muscle fibers during standing up and squatting down. The range of motion will also help you to burn more calories and improve your metabolism rate.

Awareness of the Technique

To completely reap the benefit of a particular workout, you have to do the exercise in an accurate form. You should be aware of the box height and the depth level of your squat. You will automatically master this and progress yourself when you get to know the exact form of doing it.

Improvement in Mobility

During squatting, if your heels come away from the ground then that is a sign of lack of mobility. Box squats improve mobility and muscle flexibility during the full range of motion. Moreover, it helps to squat you much deeper on your next rep.

Saves your Knees

It is an ideal workout for anyone suffering from knee issues. If your knees crackle or lock in then squats help you to improve the elasticity of your knees.

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