Pull up bar stands are the gym equipment for your killer pull up workouts. When you do pullups you do require a bar to hang on and can also bear your weight. Pull up bar stand plays a crucial role for you to do steady chin-ups. You can easily hang on them in your gyms but investing in them is an ideal thing. You can buy them online or shop at your favorite stores.

Pull up bar stands are strategic pieces of equipment that are very useful for you at your home. Many people prefer dumbbells, mats and cardio machines for exercises. But pull up bar stands are low-key equipment. They are cost-effective and perfect for your home space. Pull ups or chin-ups give strength to the chest, arms, and shoulders. They are good for an overall full-body workout. They are an underrated tool. Moreover, even if you have compact space at your place they will fit it with ease. Read the article to know more about which pull up bar stand to buy and the criteria to choose the perfect ones.

Factors to Consider before Choosing Pull Up Bar Stand

Factors to Consider before Choosing Pull-Up Bar Stand

Before jumping to buy the machine, you got to research what type of bar stand you want. There are three types of the pull-up bar. Mounted, standalone and doorway. The doorway bar is attached to the door frame. But it will not give benefit in terms of people with different heights. Doorway models become non-adjustable since it is fixed. Mounted bars are screwed on the ceiling. They are good because they can handle people with more weight.

The only con is the grip. There are not many grip options available with this model. Standalone pull up bars are versatile and best suited for everyone. They can bear the heaviest amount of weight and options of grips and extra padding is also available. So if you are choosing a standalone model, then go ahead with it.

Pricing, comfort and durability are the major important factors that need to be considered before buying a pull up bar stand. Also, go through the customer reviews of the product before purchasing. It will give you an idea bout the equipment. Safety and ease of installation are also prime factors you need to ensure about the bar stand.

Ultimate List of some Pull Up Bar Stand

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Stand

Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar Stand

It is a doorway model, with an adjustable locking system. A perfect bar to get a lean and fit body. The model supports up to 300 pounds weight. It can easily be detached and attached to the doorframe and is manufactured with heavy-duty steel. Various exercises like dips, pull ups, chin-ups and shoulder workouts.

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Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station

Sportsroyals Pull-Up Bar Stand

It is a versatile stand, that supports various workouts like push-ups, knee raises, pull ups and dips. For protecting elbows, PU pads are designed it. 400 lbs are the weight capacity machine. Double stability is provided by this stand by 8 extended support points. The power tower is ideal for fat burning and muscle training too.

Ceiling Mounted Bar Stand

Ceiling Mounted Pull-Up Bar Stand

This is one of the best pull up bar equipment to buy. There is no need for a large space. It will fit in a compact and open ceiling. This tool will help you to carry out many pull-up variations. For greater focus and intensity it has 4 angled grip positions. You can also turn this equipment into a full bodyweight gym. The press-fit dimensions are 16″ and 24″ and reduce strain, moreover giving good results in less time.

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JZBRAIN Pull Up Bar for Doorway

JZBRAIN Pull-Up Bar Stand for Doorway

The major pro of this tool is that no unnecessary screw installation is needed for this equipment. It has an automatic locking system that is suitable for home gyms. You can even adjust the height of the bar and rotation becomes easy with this bar.

Perfect Basic Pull Up

5 Best Pull Up Bar Stand for your Home Gym

This tool is suitable for kids too. It is adjustable and well equipped for tricep presses. It has three features ranging from beginner to advanced position.

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