Traditional deadlifts are like black coffee you do feel energized and your muscles get active. But if you want that extra caffeine then go for sumo deadlift form. Sumo deadlift form is a variation of a deadlift. Sumo helps to lift your extra weight. It is the best exercise to target various areas of the glutes. Incorporating sumo deadlift form in your daily leg routine will prove beneficial for you. It improves lower body posture and also strengthens your hamstrings.

In sumo deadlift, the lifter grabs the bar with a tight grip and the hip stance is broader than the traditional conventional deadlift. This entire form is called sumo deadlift form. Usually, this variation is beneficial for lifters with shorter arms. The decreased force on the lumbar spine is also added advantage for sumo lifters. It also acts as a rehabilitation workout for a lower back injury. There are various techniques and the right ways to do sumo deadlift form. Let us go through it and see how will the exercise benefit us.

How to do Sumo Deadlift Form in a Right Way

How to do Sumo Deadlift Form in a Right Way

First Step

The Setup and Preparation

Begin with standing on the flow with a wide stance and toes should point in the outwards direction. The stance should be broad so that you can easily extend your arms in the downwards position. The position of the shoulders should be straight right above the barbell. You have to push your knees to maintain the vertical torso.

Second Step

Once your position has been maintained it’s time to feel the fire. Try to tighten your butt, legs, core and back so that you should feel full-body tension. Grab the bar and slightly try to pull the bar. Visualize as if you are feeling high pressure in your body and all your muscles are getting engaged.

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Third Step

It is now time to pull the bar in a sumo way. Pull it by applying pressure through your legs. The key here is to keep the chest straight. Once you stand up or start raising the barbell, the bar should be close to your body. 

Step Four

Sumo Deadlift Form: Follow the Right 4 Steps to do It

Once you lift the barbell and find it difficult raising it till the knees, then try to squeeze your buttocks. This will help to make your hips move forward and the lift will be much easier. At this time you will feel that the weight is pulling you down. Lower your barbell down.

Sumo Deadlift Form Target Muscles


Sumo Deadlift form Target Muscles

Glutes are the major targeted muscles bu sumo deadlift form. Because of your wider feet position, the hips rotate externally causing glutes to activate at a higher degree.

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Though hamstrings are targeted more in Romanian deadlifts, in sumo deadlifts they are also being focused primarily.



To do sumo deadlift, because of foot placement you have to achieve good knee extension and quads do that for your knees. 

Lower Back

During the lifting phase, your lower back muscles help your spine to lift heavyweights. They play a crucial role in evoking spinal erectors which in turn are good for heavyweight lifts.

Traps and Back Muscles

Maintaining proper torso posture is necessary throughout the sumo deadlift form. Once you pull the barbell, traps will get activated and will strengthen your back muscles.

Benefits of Sumo Deadlift form 

Benefits of Sumo Deadlift form 
  1. As compared to a standard deadlift, because of its wider stance position, people find sumo better than the conventional deadlift. It helps them to lift the extra-large weight with ease.
  2. Muscle growth and pulling strength can be achieved through sumo deadlift variation. Many variations like chains, bands can be done using sumo deadlifts.
  3. You can feel less stress in your lower back muscles. The Sumo version is much better for your spine as compared to the conventional form.
  4. If you want to strengthen a specific muscle in the glutes or hamstrings then it is an ideal workout for you.

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