A squat is one of the most preferred workouts amongst athletes and bodybuilders. There are various versions of squats. But the two main types of squats are high bar squat and low bar squat. Most of them are a fan of Low bar squat since it focuses more on posterior deltoids. Muscles utilization occurs more in terms of the low bar squat than the high bar squat. Moreover, for a low bar squat, you have to bend and target your lower back muscles too.

A low bar squat is actually where the bar should be placed on the lower side of the upper back muscle. Also, it becomes easier to lift heavy weights with this workout. This exercise helps you to move with more weight. If you move more weights then, more strength is applied and hence more stamina is gained. When you are performing a low bar squat, every part of the thigh muscles is being executed. Squats are generally very useful for hamstrings and glutes activation. So lets us check through more information about how to master it.

How to do a Low Bar Squat

How to do Low Bar Squat

Set Up and Preparation

  1. Before proceeding to do low bar squat, if possible by weightlifting belts. The belts help you in lifting the weights and balancing your body and prevention injuries. 
  2. Wrist wraps are another important piece of equipment to wear so that while performing low bar squats you will get protection from pain around the wrists. 
  3. Setting up the correct rack height is also crucial before doing a low bar squat. The correct rack height should be 2″ for low bar squat.
  4. The placement of the barbell should be below the upper trap and on the rear delts.
  5. Your feet should be placed shoulder-width apart.

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  1. After the setup and preparation, you should now proceed to do a low bar squat
  2. You have to step aside 6 inches from the rack.
  3. By extending your knees and keeping a slight distance between your feet, start descent low bar squat by bending your knees at the forwarding position.
  4. You have to rotate your pelvis while squatting.
  5. Ascend back to returning position by keeping your chest straight.
  6. Throughout this movement, you will feel the tension in the groin, tops of quads, outer thighs and hamstrings.

Low Bar Squat Variations

Box Squats

Low Bar Box Squats

The position of this variation is the same as that of the standard one. Except here, the barbell will be near your clavicles and not trap muscles. You have to sit on the bench or box, squat push through your heels by keeping your chest high and then return to normal position.

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Band Resisted

Band Resisted Low Bar Squat

You need a resistance band and power racks for this variation. Loop around the band to a stable anchor point or power racks would be good. The anchor point should be near the J hooks, do not loop far away. Squat slowly by using the bands. The major benefit you could get is lifting heavy weights with speed. As you squat, you could expect bar speed and tension in your lower back muscles.

High Bar Verses Low Bar Which one is Good?

Low Bar Squat: Follow Best Squat Essential Guides in 2021
  1. Both squats are great even though they have different styles. 
  2. If you want to focus on building strength and power then go with a high bar squat.
  3. High bar squat is preferred more than low bar due to more benefits.
  4. If you want to focus on generating muscles in the upper body, the posterior chain then goes with a low bar squat.
  5. But, you should have strong shoulders and good strength to perform it. If you fail in achieving that mobility and balance then yhis workout would be difficult for you.
  6. So good mechanics of body should be maintained to gt full benefits of low bar squat.

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