Is it time for your annual boys’ trip? Everyone needs time to recharge and be with friends. Yet, when it comes to getaways with the guys, drinking and partying becomes repetitive, worse if you’re not a huge drinker! You don’t need to over plan to have a good time. We’ve got a few ideas to take your boy’s trip from a cliché to the ultimate day. Read on and find out what’s in store for you when it comes to giving your boy’s trip a kick.

Hit the Road

Make your wheels your home and rent a campervan or motorhome. With a motorhome hire, you can opt for ultra-luxe (which will require come more spendings) or budget options like a smaller model with fewer beds where you camp outside. You might have a specific destination in mind or you can cruise and stop at some venues or sites along the way. Remember to shout your designated driver lunch!

Hygge Home

Accommodation becomes expensive when booking for a group, especially annoying when you might only use your room to crash. Better value is to hire a home via platforms like Styaz or Airbnb. Enjoy the company with friends cook a feast (or order in) then crash in bed without the pressure of waking for work the next day. If you’re planning on hanging around the home, look for a place with a hot tub, games room, or epic yard so you can spread out as you wish.

Adventure Packed

Your mates might be the restless type and activity of sorts will keep them occupied. Whether you go for a hike, bungee jump, book an escape room, go to a gig or organize your own Amazing Race treasure hunt, this option will take a little foresight. If you’re the planning type, you’ll surely have this covered, if you want to outsource, recruit a stag or buck’s company to plan your day, and even host it if you wish – no one needs to be getting married to benefit from an event organizer.

Full relaxation mode

We guys are so much more than drinking and drinking some more when we go away. I promise if you find a place that offers massages, hot springs, or even a sneaky facial treatment you’ll get a few takers. Spa parties aren’t just for women, pick what spa services you want and leave the frou-frou at the door. Other ways to chill and recharge might be heading to the movies or trying some yoga – a great way to start the day!

Think Big

Sometimes we forget how space or scale can profoundly affect our mood. Memorable trips are when you get away from your normal experiences. If you’re thinking big and want to do something different on a boy’s trip, why not book a huge estate, dine in the fanciest restaurant, visit an epic natural site or coordinate an all-inclusive party with all your favorite dishes and drinks? If you think of what you normally do with the guys, try to do the opposite – at worst you’ll have a bunch of laughs and memories to look back on.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your next adventure for the next boys’ weekend and make it one to remember.