Being at work doesn’t mean your body has to suffer. We all know the dangers of sitting, yet a lot of us do it far too much! When you can’t get to your regular gym or workout session because you’re stuck at work, give these 5 stretches a try. Whether you do them once a day or 5 times, your body will thank you! Here are some tips from a PT from a gym in Melbourne!

Seated glutes

Bring one leg up and rotate it to rest the ankle on the opposite knee. For many of us, this is stretch enough. Hold and breathe into the stretch rather than clenching through the tightness. If you want a little more, place your hand on the knee of the crossed leg and gently push to the floor as you bring your stomach a little closer to the leg. Hold for 30 secs and repeat on another side.

Seated twist

From a seated position, look over one shoulder by turning from your midsection. You want to bring your chest as far around to the side as is comfortable for you. Add opposite hand to knee to deepen the twist and gently press your stomach forward, then suck it in to get more from the rotation. Hold for 30 secs and repeat on another side – remember to breathe!

Oblique lengthens

Put your hands on the back of your head and bring your elbows in line with your ears. Take a breath here and feel the chest stretch, then move body and head to crunch into one side. Imagine trying to touch your elbow to the hip on the same side. Repeat on the opposite side. For more, once you’re in the stretch, add a small rotation by looking up to the ceiling and bringing the elbow slightly behind the ear.

Upper back release

Place your hands on your lap with fingers facing inwards. Take a breath in, on the exhale suck in the stomach and round the upper back, like an angry cat. Shoulders should separate and drop your chin to chest. Release by pulling the shoulders down the back and together, open the chest and look up to the ceiling. Repeat 5 to 10 times. Remember to keep the core stability to support your lower back.

Pour it Outs

Sitting tall, put your hands on your knees, then take them wider than your body keeping them straight and long. From here, use the shoulder to rotate the entire arm – try to bring your elbow crease to the ceiling then to the floor. The chest stays open and still. Turning the entire arm and getting the shoulders and back involved is great for slouchers! Repeat as many times as you like.

In addition to regular mobility breaks, remember to get up and walk around at least every hour.  Even if it’s only for a few minutes, there is a benefit to the body. You’ll boost circulation and counteract the glutes staying in a lengthened position which happens when sitting. Combined with our stretches above, a day at the office will be less sedentary and help keep your joints mobile and you feeling more agile.