The decline bench press is a variation of bench press and is an excellent workout to strengthen your chest muscles. According to research, as compared to an incline bench, a decline bench is a more effective workout to activate lower chest muscles. It should be included as a chest routine workout in your daily fitness regime. This exercise has significantly proved to maximize performance and increase muscle strength during your daily workout routine. If you are doing bench press by certain angle variation then it will surely help to reduce strain on elbows, wrist, and shoulders.

If you are a newbie in weight lifting then beginning with a decline bench press will help you build strength to lift weights. Because bench press, suits for all fitness level people. It is certainly a good exercise to get that well-shaped rounded chest area and increase stamina and power in your upper body region. Read this article, that will cover benefits and tips on how to perform decline bench press safely to achieve major fitness goals.

How to do Decline Bench Press

How to do Decline Bench Press

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness level person, you will need a spotter or an instructor beside you to do decline bench press.
  2. You will use equipment like a decline bench station or a power rack.
  3. Initially, you have to load the weight to the barbell according to your suitable fitness level.
  4. Lie down on the bench, and hold the bar with a tight grip and your hands should be placed shoulder-width apart.
  5. With the help of a spotter, pick up the bar and by squeezing it with your arm, raise the bar with an up and down position.
  6. You should feel the contraction in the middle part of the chest while pushing the bar up and down.
  7. Don’t go too down just do partial movements while doing the bench press.
  8. Repeat this workout for some amount of reps.

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Decline Bench Press Variations

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

This variation targets your lower chest muscle and is often easier than the barbell version.

  1. Place your legs at the end of the decline bench and lie down by holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Raise the dumbbell with palms facing away from you.
  3. You should feel pressure on your chest. Lower the weights till your elbows make a right angle.
  4. While raising the dumbbell, exhale and then lower it back again.
  5. Repeat this motion around 10 times.

Decline Dumbbell Flies

Decline Dumbbell Flies

It is the best dumbbell variation of the decline press that stretches muscular fibers and builds muscular hypertrophy.

  1. While lying down on the bench, hold the dumbbell in each hand.
  2. The key is to fly your arms by holding the dumbbell and your palms should face the ceiling.
  3. Make sure when flying the arms, they have to be in a straight line down till your sternum and then bring the dumbbell up together by squeezing your inner chest.
  4. Repeat this movement around 10 reps.

Common Mistakes and Precautions

Common Mistakes and Precautions
  1. The most common mistake while doing decline bench press is that people bounce the bar off their chest. They ignore doing the workout by keeping the upper body stable and without a full range of motion. If this is ignored then you will end up injuring your sternum and rib cage. Do not bounce off your chest.
  2. Not doing the exercise in presence of a spotter will strain your body and there will be a risk of major injury. It is necessary to do decline press with the help of an instructor.
  3. Directly starting decline press with heavy weights will lead you to do the exercise with less range of motion and it created major tension amongst muscle fiber. Therefore, it is essential to begin the decline press with lower weights, which will help you to perform the decline press with ease.
  4. People often apply improper breathing techniques while doing bench press variations. You must ensure that proper breathing, that is inhaling and exhaling is done while pushing the barbell and lowering the barbell respectively.

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Benefits of Decline Bench Press

Benefits of Decline Bench Press
  1. Sine the decline press targets lower pectoral muscles, it is a boon for weightlifters and bodybuilders because strong lower chest muscles contribute to overall chest development.
  2.  Better symmetry to chest muscles is expected, after regularly performing this workout.
  3. As compared to incline and flat press, a decline bench press gives more relief to your lower back strain. There is often a likelihood of an injury to your back due to tension shift from chest to back. So bench decline press will lower the stress on your back part.
  4. Lifting heavier weights is the key to build power and stamina, decline bench press does this for you.

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