The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Did you know that it is not only the physical body that people need to exercise but also the brain? Yes, fitness is physical and mental – hence, the hottest trend on brain fitness exercises.

The human brain is a complex organ. It controls many body functions such as memory, thoughts, emotion, motor skills, vision, breathing, temperature, hunger, and every process that regulates our body. 

When the brain stops functioning, the person cannot breathe or maintain other vital functions independently and permanently lose all awareness and capacity for thought. In the past, a person could die when the brain stopped functioning. But, with the present medical technology, even if the brain stops working, a person can still continue breathing, and the heart keeps beating. 

Just as important the physical exercise, brain fitness is equally vital. 

What is a brain fitness exercise?

Brain fitness cuts across the concepts that affect every aspect of our lives. Brain fitness is based on the fact that the brain can be trained or rehabilitated through manipulating stimuli and environmental influences. 

Different brain fitness exercises 

In brain fitness exercise, mental training can be integral to maintaining a healthy mental state. It is crucial to keep the mind stimulated regularly to boost cognition and support the different cognitive skills we use daily.

Some brain fitness exercises are the following:

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Play card games

Playing cards such as solitaire, poker, hearts, crazy eights, etc., is an excellent, mentally stimulating activity for adults. The quick card game can lead to greater brain volume in several brain regions and improve memory and thinking.  

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Work on jigsaw puzzles

Working on jigsaw puzzles is an excellent way to strengthen the brain. In this puzzle, the brain has to identify different pieces and figure out where each piece fit within the larger picture. This boosts multiple cognitive abilities and is protective of visuospatial cognitive aging. Try putting on a 1,000-piece image and have fun doing it yourself or with friends.  

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Do meditation daily

In research, daily meditation can calm the body, slow breathing, and reduces stress and anxiety – all benefit the brain by helping it fine-tune the memory and increase its ability to process information.

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Get a new hobby or learn a new skill

Getting a new hobby or learning a new skill helps improve memory function in older adults. Not only it reduces stress, but it also helps strengthen the connections in the brain.

The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Play and listen to music

Music is an easy way to increase creative brain power. In a 2017 study, listening to happy tunes helps generate more innovative solutions compared to being in silence. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Brain Fitness Exercises: Start Your Journey Today

Get regular physical exercise

Physical exercise goes hand in hand with brain fitness. When you sweat out, stress and anxiety will be reduced, boosting brain health, focus, and cognitive abilities. So, try dancing, aerobics, walking, Tai Chi, and playing your favorite sports

Playing other games like Sudoku and crossword puzzles

Challenging the brain with games that rely on logic, math, word, and visuospatial skills are great ways to increase brainpower, and improving processing speed and memory is essential to keep the brain fit.

Brain fitness strengthens neural pathways – where memories are stored – and builds new ones with good habits, thoughts, and actions. So, start your journey now with brain fitness exercises for optimum health and well-being.

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