The cable pull through is also called glute pull-through is a compound-based workout that targets major muscles like hamstrings, glutes, and posterior chain. It is a great addition to deadlift variation. Doing a cable pull through will contribute to muscular hypertrophy and healthy glutes. Performing workouts like Romanian deadlift and barbell hip thrust becomes good with time due to hip hinge movement and cable pull-through exercise is the key. If you want to maximize neurological patterning and overall performance then you must include cable pull-through in your daily regime.

Cable pull through is a significant movement that promotes the growth of lower posterior chain development. It reduces stress on the spine. Kettlebell swings are an alternative to this workout. But before doing this workout you need to consult your doctors because of the involvement in hip hinge movement. The movements need to be done cautiously. Any wrong technique can injure your hips. Bolstering and fortifying hip movements have to be performed throughout the workout. Let us check more relevant information about cable pull-through movement. 

How to Do a Cable Pull Through Workout

How to do a Cable Pull-Through Workout
  1. For doing cable pull through you need a cable machine, weight stack, rope, or band.
  2. The pulley should be set to the lowest height.
  3. You should face away from the machine and try to grab the rope between your legs.
  4. The grip on the rope should be neutral.
  5. Slightly move forward to ag away from the stack.
  6. The placement of your feet should be hip-width apart and maintain an erect spine.
  7. By bending your elbows slightly and gripping the floor maintain a stable position.
  8. Bend slightly at 45 degrees and lower your arms and pull the cable front and backward position between your legs.
  9. Do not lift your toes off the ground. Throughout the movement maintain the posture and feel the weight in the midfoot.
  10. Repeat this entire workout with 8-15 reps.

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Target Muscles


The glutes are the muscle that has major muscles like the Maximus, medius, and minimus. They are a significant factor responsible for your butt shape. Their primary function is to rotate your thigh and cable pull-through helps glutes to make hip and thigh movement.


They are situated on the back of the lower leg, which means the opposite of thighs. They are formed by three major muscles biceps femoris, semimembranosus, and semitendinosus. Their major function is knee flexion and hip extension. If you are jumping and sprinting hamstrings are the key to it. 

Erector Spine

Cable Pull Through: The Best Essential Guide in 2021

These are a layer of back muscles. They are a collection of spinalis, longissimus, and Iliocostalis muscles. They help to move the vertebral column. They are also playing a vital role in extending the spine and maintaining erect posture. 


Cable Pull Through: The Best Essential Guide in 2021

They are hip flexors that form IPMU which consist of muscles that are psoas and iliacus. Their main responsibility is to support hip movement and cable pull through strengthens Iliopsoas muscle, because indirectly they contribute towards supporting trunk flexion. 

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Recommended Reps for Cable Pull-Through

Cable Pull Through: The Best Essential Guide in 2021

Cable pull-through can be done in proper form after mastering deadlifts or squats. If you do multi-joint-based exercises then it will be easy and achieve more benefits through this workout. Usually, 3-4 sets are recommended with reps within the range. Reps depend on which muscle to target and what you want to improve. For strength training 5 reps are necessary. 12 reps are essential for muscular hypertrophy. 20 reps are recommended for muscular endurance. Reps also vary if you are doing any alternative to cable pull-through. 


Benefits  of Cable pull through
  1. It is the best exercise for activating your overall muscles. 
  2. If you want to rectify any muscle damage, then go for it. 
  3. They can also be performed at higher volumes without experiencing lower back stress. 
  4.  Lifters can have a huge advantage because once they master cable pull through they have a clear understanding of what positions should be like. 

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