Nothing beats the great outdoors, and what better way to experience it than camping?

Unfortunately, not all camping trips are created equal. When you don’t have the right equipment, your time in the wilderness can be more trouble than it’s worth. If you want to make the most out of your next outdoor adventure, read on for four essentials every avid camper needs.

#1 Lightweight Cooler

Whether you’re keeping a freshly caught fish on ice or simply packing a few fireside brews, a quality cooler is a camping must-have.

You’ll want to choose an icebox that isn’t going to weigh you down. Lightweight material combined with durable fiber insulation will make for the perfect camping cooler. Other qualities to look for include:

  • Sturdy locks (to keep wildlife out)
  • Easy drainage system
  • Comfortable handle for portability

RITC makes a great model that’s 30% lighter than the average camping cooler! When you’re hauling a bunch of other camping equipment, you’ll be glad you chose a cooler on the skinny side.

4 Camping Essentials You Need

#2 Portable Bidet

It happens to everyone: nature calls when you’re, well, in nature. You want to wipe, but the only things around are leaves that may or may not be poison ivy.

The time has come to kiss makeshift toilet paper goodbye; now, there’s a better way! From the makers of the TUSHY comes a camper’s dream— introducing: the portable bidet. Simply fill this device with a little water, and easily clean yourself while kicking it in the woods.

No more wasteful toilet paper or itchy rashes; this portable bidet is a must-have for eco-friendly campers!

#3 Durable Outdoor Hat

Long days spent outdoors can be a recipe for immeasurable fun, lasting memories, and—unfortunately—painful sunburns. 

What do you do when you run out of sunblock while camping? While you may not be able to make a drugstore run in the middle of the woods, the right hat can save you from the sun’s harmful rays.

If you plan on spending some quality time in the sun, make sure you invest in good head protection. Sunday Afternoons has a wide selection of men’s outdoor hats, women’s sun hats, and even hats for kids.

#4 Camping Stove

If a combo of raw meat and foraged berries isn’t your idea of a gourmet meal, you’re not alone. Many outdoor enthusiasts can’t live without their camping stove—and for a good reason!

4 Camping Essentials You Need

A portable stove will help bring any camping trip to the next level. For the best cooking experience, you’ll want a stove that comes with these must-have features:

  • Safe fuel source – Whether you’re using a wood- or gas-powered stove, you want to minimize fire danger as much as possible. A proper connection to the fuel source is crucial for preventing gas leaks. If you’re using wood, make sure your stove has ample holes to let smoke out of the bottom.
  • Durable material – Stainless steel is the best material for a camping stove. Many people use aluminum cans for a makeshift cooking apparatus, but these are more likely to burn or melt at high temperatures.
  • Drip tray – If you’re cooking with oil or grease, a proper drip tray will keep everything clean and reduce the risk of an uncontrollable fire. Proper cleanup is also crucial to keeping dangerous wildlife—like bears—away from your campsite. 

Hint: Outdoor Cooking makes a quality camping stove with everything you need for perfectly grilled food!

Camping Gear You’ll Love

Stop schlepping it with equipment that’s less outdoorsy and more outdated

If you love camping, it’s important to invest in some quality gear. Not only will these gadgets help you enjoy your time in the wilderness, but they’ll also make it safer. Take care of yourself this camping season and remember to have fun!

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