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Did you know that you can give your brain a good workout? That is what we refer to as brain training to improve brain or mental fitness. Brain fitness workout is done to improve one’s cognitive capabilities such as critical thinking, creativity, decision making, and of course, memorization.

Learn more about brain fitness so you can start working out to improve your memory.

What is Brain Fitness?

CogniFit defined brain fitness as “the ability of the brain to learn what the organism needs to know in order to survive in a changing environment.” Brain fitness is not just about getting smarter. It is strengthening the brain to better comprehend and analyze large volumes of information. That ability aligns strongly with an individual’s working memory.

What is working memory?

Working memory is a type of memory that is in charge of storing and processing information temporarily in the brain that can then be utilized for tasks in need of cognitive functioning. A good example is when a college student studies for an upcoming test. He or she studies to store information or details he or she needs to answer exam questions. Poor working memory can result in mistakes or errors as well as difficulty to focus.

Working memory is present not just in college students or employees but in young ones as well. That is why it is important to know that brain fitness should start at a young age to further expand the brain’s prowess to take on more.

Brain fitness activities to improve memory

If you want to have a better working memory, here are some brain exercises, fitness tips, and activities you should consider getting into.


The quality of your sleep can dictate your mood, functionality, and alertness throughout the day. To maintain a healthy brain, one must get enough sleep to give enough time for the brain to re-energize and refocus. Lack of sleep can result in poor cognitive performance. According to Harvard’s resource Healthy Sleep, sleep greatly impacts memory, especially when it involves learning. Learn ways how you can improve your sleep quality.

Learning new skills or languages

Can Brain Fitness Help You Improve Your Memory?

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Learning something complex like a new skill or language will bring out the brain of its comfort zone. Keep in mind that learning takes time, so don’t be frustrated if learning takes a while. That is part of the process. Learning something new improves not just working memory but long-term memory as well. Having a strong memory when learning new things means understanding how you can apply what you just learned into everyday activities and interactions.


Improve both your brain and mental fitness with meditation. Meditating is just like sleeping because it gives time for the brain to rest. However, meditation can also help the mind better process information as well as improve critical thinking. Meditation also slows down the aging of the brain. If you haven’t tried meditation before, give it a go. It is life-changing for people who are able to embrace it.

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