The chest press is an upper body workout that helps to develop pectoral muscles along with some other muscles like lats, biceps, and deltoids. The workout is performed on a chest press machine. The machine has many parts and some settings which you have to learn to use safely. The mostly seated chest press is done on the chest press machine. It is one of the commonly performed exercises and is included in the majority of gym-goers regimes. 

Chest Press machine has to be used in the presence of a spotter if you are a beginner. For targeting specific muscles, various chest press variations are performed with proper technique. However, most people get confused between chest press and bench press. Because they both have got same technique and benefits. But it all depends on you which muscles you want to focus on. For maintaining overall good posture, do alternate chest press and bench press on the machine. It would be more beneficial to you. Our article will give you some essential tips on how to use a chest press machine in a proper form. 

How to use Chest Press Machine

How to use Chest Press Machine

Depending on the machine, the seat and handles vary. So, the handles of the chest press machine are in such a way that you can either move them horizontally to your chest or move them slightly upwards. Place the leg on the pedal and begin with a low weight load.

Step by Step Instructions 

  1. If you are a newbie to the chest press machine, then first you need to observe the machine carefully and take the help of an instructor. 
  2. On the weight carriage, begin by keeping a light load. 
  3. Grab the handles with a neutral wrist position. 
  4. The seats are adjustable so when you sit comfortably on the seat, make sure that with extended arms you can push the handle horizontally. 
  5. When you are pushing the handles out, exhale and then inhale. 
  6. With your stilled neck and steady head, your back should be upright on the seat. 
  7. When you try to push the handles ensure that you feel some resistance. 
  8. As per your trainer, repeat the chest press machine workout in terms of reps and sets. 
  9. Do not over-exert your body. 
  10. It is necessary to pause for some seconds before you proceed to another rep. 

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Chest Press Machine Workout Variations

Incline Chest Press

Incline Chest Press Machine

Incle form targets your pecs and shoulders. The bench is inclined so in this machine you have to push the handles in an upward motion. To avoid stress on shoulders, use low weight. Mostly this exercise put less strain on rotating cuffs. 

Cable Chest Press

Chest Press Machine: How to Use Them and Avoid 3 Mistakes

The cable chest press is performed by using cable or else you can do it with the resistance band too. The cable is attached to the machine. Pull the cable down slowly till your chest. You can do this with a single arm too. Mostly this variation helps in targeting and strengthing your core muscles.

Seated and Plate Loaded Chest Press Machine Workout

For this variation, the machines are designed in such a way that helps to do decline, incline, and isolateral chest press workouts. A plates-based workout targets your inner pecs muscles and helps to reduce the strain and injury to chest muscles. It is one of the best variations to perform on a chest press machine. Muscular engagement is maintained throughout the movement.

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Common Mistakes

Chest Press Machine: How to Use Them and Avoid 3 Mistakes

Improper Elbow Position

The chest press machines ensure that your elbow remains in a proper form throughout the workout. But sometimes you overexert and hyperextend your elbow far back which might injure your arms. So, avoid extending the elbow too back while grabbing the handles.

Explosive Movement

When you push the handles, push them slowly. Do not do it rigorously. Use the count method if you want and then handle the bars cautiously.

Arched Back

If you lower your weight, then it’s possible to keep you back upright. Higher weights will force you to arch your back that could strain your back muscles. So keep an erect spine.

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