Reverse curls are like a secret weapon to get bulky arms and biceps. The major form of reverse curls is, that the palm should face in the downward position. A prime benefit of reverse curls is the increase in muscular size and strength. The forearms are in the reverse position so it is tougher to do reverse curls. You could experience strain near your wrists and elbows. Moreover, an accurate technique is necessary to prevent stress on the forearms. 

Reverse curls target biceps brachii and brachialis. Doing different grip styles in this workout is the key difference compared to standard curls. However, reverse curls are underrated. The workout is often neglected by gym-goers because it is often considered to give lesser benefits than standard curls. But many don’t know that forearms flexors are primely emphasized when you do reverse curls. If the focus is on the supination of the forearm, but also shoulder and elbow flexion, then reverse curls will make you achieve these goals. Discover more about how to do reverse curls and attain flexibility around your wrists.

How to do Reverse Curls

How to do Reverse Curls
  1. Reverse curls can be done with barbells, dumbbells, or any handle bar-based equipment
  2. Start this workout by doing dumbbells because it is easier to do with them rather than directly jumping on the machine.
  3. For doing standard dumbbell reverse curl, stand on your feet with a straight back and lifted chest
  4. With a pronated grip, hold the dumbbells with the palm facing downwards.
  5. Here you are doing reverse curls.
  6. Breathe out and slowly lift the dumbbells to your shoulder level.
  7. Keep on lifting it till you feel the contraction in your biceps. 
  8. As you go down inhale and bring the dumbbell down to the initial position.

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Reverse Curl Variations

Barbell Reverse Curls

Barbell Reverse Curls

If you have mastered the dumbbell version then barbell will be quite easier for you. The form is the same except instead of a dumbbell you use a barbell. Curl barbells in such a way that they should be away from the torso. Also, make sure that the barbell reaches your hip. 

Cable Reverse Curls

Cable reverse curl makes you experience muscle tension. A cable is attached to the pulley machine, grab the handles in the same form of reverse curl. Except here do it in such a way that you should get less muscle tension in every rep.

Common Mistakes and Precaution

Master Reverse Curls by Following the 3 Best Guides
  1. If you begin with heavyweight for bicep reverse curl, then you will be prone to muscle injury. There will be strain and tension around bices. The goal here is to build the hidden muscles around your biceps. So, begin with a lower weight while doing bicep reverse curl.
  2. If you are using momentum while doing this exercise then expect lesser benefits. While lifting the dumbbell your arms, hips and back should remain stationary. A slight momentum shows the use of heavyweight. Furthermore, there will risk of injury around your lower back and forearms.
  3. Avoid extending wrists while performing reverse curls. This will cause unnecessary stress on joints and muscles. By performing the full range of motion, maintain your wrist in a straight position. This will make you do the workout with ease and no stress.
  4. Using a false grip around the barbell will reward you more instead of just curling the thumbs around the bar. Your thumb is the key to doing reverse curls with ease. Without it, it will make it difficult to get the rip on the bar.

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Master Reverse Curls by Following the 3 Best Guides
  1. This workout will give you the potential to lift heavyweights.
  2. Weight lifters, athletes, and bodybuilders will gain benefits to improve their performance.
  3. Since reverse curls require pronated grip, so you can expect many muscle activation during this exercise.
  4. If you have a biceps injury, then this will help you recover from it.

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