The hex bar deadlift is also called a trap bar deadlift, is a variation of the conventional deadlift, where lifting is performed with a hexagon-shaped barbell. Hence the name hex bar. Hex bar deadlift helps to improve velocity and even pulling potential that enhances athletes’ performance. The movement of this workout is a combo of deadlift and squat. This variation usually reduces stress on the lower back and increases muscles mass in your biceps. According to research in California, a hex bar deadlift works your core and generates force and power.

Unlike standard deadlift, hex bar works both at the lower and upper body. So it’s all in one full-body workout that targets major muscle groups in your entire body. The UK researchers also compared biomechanics and power strength of both standard and hex bar deadlifts. The result came as the lifters lifted more weight after practicing with the hex bar. It ultimately tests your overall body strength. Also, the equipment itself is interesting and it’s fun to carry out a workout with it. Discover more information on how to do a hex bar deadlift and watch its benefits.

How to do Hex Bar Deadlift

How to do Hex Bar Deadlift
  1. The tool is made of steel in a hexagon shape. You have to stand in the middle of the hex bar to pull the barbell.
  2. Once you stand in the middle of the bar, stand straight with an erect spine with feet being shoulder-distance apart.
  3. The position of your neck and head should be neutral. 
  4. Before proceeding to do hex bar deadlift, pretension your core muscles along with shoulder and hips.
  5. Bend your body and try to grab the handles of the hex bar.
  6. Pull the bar and stand straight by engaging your lower back muscles.
  7. By lifting your hips ups, you should feel the stretch in your back.
  8. Remember to squeeze the glutes and put pressure through the floor.
  9. The bar should be kept in a back-centered position.
  10. The entire lift because of the central theme makes it easier and smoother. Also, your position remains undisturbed.
  11. Do one rep of 3 sets, if you are a beginner.
  12. Remember the focus is to build power and strength and not how much weight you are lifting.
  13. Once you master the hex bar with a lower weight you can proceed to do with heavier weight.

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Difference Between Hex Bar Deadlift and Standard Deadlift

Do the Hex Bar Deadlift and Achieve 3 Amazing Results
  1. The center of gravity in the hex bar differs primely as compared to the conventional one. Because you stand in the middle of the bar your weight goes closer to the gravity making your form correct.
  2. With a conventional one, there is the possibility of you going bumble up with a position and even might become imbalanced.
  3. As compared to a standard deadlift, hex bar includes more range of motion and provides higher knee flexion. 
  4. The squat position is another big advantage in this variation because it provides extra benefits related to the squatting position.
  5. With hex bar, expect extra activation of lower back muscle groups.

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Common Mistake

  1. The major common mistake while performing any kind of deadlift variation is making arched back throughout the movement.
  2. Your back should remain straight once you lift the hex bar. If not it will injure your spine.
  3. Lack of core and back strength will make this workout tougher for you. Simply build a strong core before trying hex bar deadlift.
  4. Start with a lower weight than heavyweight for trying out any kind of deadlifts.

Major Benefits

Do the Hex Bar Deadlift and Achieve 3 Amazing Results
  1. Attaining full-body strength is the first major benefit you will be getting through the trap bar deadlift. Squat mechanics combined with deadlift will help you achieve major fitness goals.
  2. The hex bar is helping you to step in by keeping your weight at the center. Thus improvement in spinal position because of the center mass technique. 
  3. Hex bar makes you lift with the hip because of the extra handles on the barImprovement in spinal position because of the center mass technique. This will strengthen your hips first to perform and major deadlift.

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