DAREBEE is an independent global fitness resource promising to provide the best up to date workout routines. I took the liberty to investigate how true the “thoroughly researched and tested” DAREBEE claim is. After checking the sources’ credibility, proofing the information, and trying the workouts myself, I have the verdict.

What is DAREBEE?

DAREBEE offers a wide variety of daily workouts, training programs, education on proper form, and the option to tailor a workout program for yourself. From the surface level, it seems like an excellent program that can accommodate almost any fitness goal.

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While DAREBEE has an extensive base, I was curious to see how effective and challenging the workouts were.

What Does DAREBEE Offer?

Offering individual workouts, there are over 1500 workouts in their database. Constantly searching the internet for new trends, expert tips, and updates on current works, DAREBEE has curated a one-stop-shop for any and all workout needs.

The Workout

My favorite feature offered in the database is the ability to filter out specifics to find the perfect workout for you. The filter options include focus (full body, upper body, lower body, and abs), types (strength, cardio, HIIT, combat, stretching, yoga, and wellness), difficulty, equipment needed (none being an option), warmups, and cooldowns, and even the option to have female or male depictions and illustrations for your workout.

workout at home with DAREBEE

DAREBEE also has a wide variety of workout programs. They schedule 30 days of cohesive workouts making your life even easier. The programs are put together to increasingly become more challenging, advancing your progress and pushing you to new limits as a trainer would do.

Additionally, the programs have built-in rest days and recovery days. I love this aspect because DAREBEE is truly minimizing the chance for users to quit or fall off track. Programs include running, yoga, core, martial arts, cardio, quick 5-minute sets, strength, and weightlifting.

At this point in my investigation, I was very impressed. The website is easy to follow, they explain how to use it, how to get the most out of it, and truly have every workout you could ever want.

Trying Out DAREBEE

Full frontal, I am a retired high school athlete. This means I have a lot of experience exercising and consider myself knowledgeable on what makes a good workout. However, most workouts kick my butt nowadays, on account of being washed up.

The Perfect 10 workout

Starting with the individual workouts, I tried the Perfect 10: a full-body, strength, and toning workout at level 3. Completing each exercise 10 times for 5 rounds I was beat. My legs were shaky and my shoulders were on fire. I enjoyed this workout because I felt like it did provide a full-body workout with a short burst of cardio.

I ended up altering some of the abs exercises after set two, to ones I like better. This I feel gave me a more well-rounded workout and made it more enjoyable for me.

My Review of DAREBEE

Overall I have to say, DAREBEE is an amazing resource for individuals who are looking for new workouts or need help starting a routine for individuals at all levels.

If you are a beginner, this database will provide all you need, so no more walking around the gym feeling lost. Further, DAREBEE will teach you how to build your workout, give you confidence in the gym, and keep you on track to a better you.

level up your gym workout

For those who are experienced in the gym, but lack motivation or are bored of their normal routine, DAREBEE has you covered. Having over 1500 workouts, I am positive that there is something new to try. Additionally, you can do what I did and use the DAREBEE workouts as a base and alter them to what you like. Follow the circuits and body focus, but use the exercises you like.

Finally, for those who live in the gym, you can still benefit from DAREBEE. Once again, this database has EVERYTHING!!! Browse around and find new ideas to add to your routine, learn a new skill with the combat and yoga programs, or dive into some self-care with the wellness workouts and meditation.

Wellness and meditation with DAREBEE

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