Everything you Need to Know About Olympic Trampoline

Olympic Trampoline is a sport performed in the Olympic game, where athletes bounce on the trampoline. This activity is also called trampolining or trampoline gymnastics. Various types of aerobatics are performed on the trampoline and a winner is decided in the Olympics. If you have watched recent Olympic games, in the 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics, Ivan Litvinovich was the winner under the category of Men’s Olympic Trampoline gymnastics. People enjoy watching the Olympics and they become curious to try and train some Olympic-based sports.

Olympic trampoline gymnastics are interesting to watch and incredible athletes performing and representing their country are just outstanding. Nowadays, there is more number people’s involvement in this well-known sport. This sport is different from the regular gymnastic category because the Olympic trampoline has many range of elements that the regular one. Let us check some more information about this sport.

History of Olympic Trampoline 

History of Olympic Trampoline 

The Olympic trampoline was not known before but it has become popular in recent times. This sport came into the picture in 1936 by Iowa University and became an established sport in 1964 due to the world championship held in London. Olympic trampoline is not only used in Olympics or gymnastics but also used in training astronauts in Nasa. However, it truly became a recognized Olympic Sport in 2000 in Sydney Olympics.

Olympic Trampoline Dimensions

There are some strict rules regarding the size, height, and weight of the trampoline. The standard recommended size of the Olympic trampoline is 10 feet in width and 17 feet long. The thickness of the mat should be 6mm. Safety pads across the mat are the mandatory thing and thickness should be 2 inches. According to FIG, the criteria of Olympic trampoline height is 3.789 feet and weight is 350 lbs.

Olympic Trampoline Moves

Olympic Trampoline Moves

There are two types of routines that have to be followed in trampoline sport. One routine is fixed by the Olympic committees and the other one is done by the athlete’s own choice. Routines are a mixture of many moves like twists, somersaults, and trampoline jumps. Some of the basic moves are like regular gymnast moves like tuck, flip, pike, and straddle. 

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Rules and How to Do It

There are certain regulations to perform Olympic trampoline.

  1. You have to stand upright on the mat. 
  2. The judges will signal you to begin and complete the move within a minute.
  3. After bouncing, you will get one extra chance to bounce again on center and then send the move by standing upright.
  4. If you fail this, you are out of the game.
  5. The final position will be of standing on the trampoline for 3 seconds and then judges will declare the winner.
  6. The scoring system is dependent on the move and jump time in the air and the marks will even be cut off if there is any mistake in the move.

Training for Olympic Trampoline

Training for Olympic Trampoline

There is no such specific time on how much training should be there for this sport. It all depends on the individual choice. Usually, to perform in Olympics, athletes train for 6-7 hours a day and also take care of themselves by following proper nutrition and diet. The training will be under supervision by the coaching team. The athletes should go under rigorous training to become expert professionals.

The jump is quite challenging and very risky. So a high level of fitness is required to master the Olympic trampoline. You have to go through various kinds of aerobatic exercises, high jumps, and somersaults. It is a physically demanding sport, so much power energy, and focus are needed. Gymnast enthusiasts or sportspeople should do long of training to achieve their aim in this game.

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Olympic Trampoline for Sale

Jumpsport 17 Rectangle

Jumpsport 17 Rectangle
Image Courtesy: ettrampoline.com

Jumpsport is a well-known trampoline brand in the industry. They are expensive and come at the cost of almost $2000. The main feature is bouncing height. You can bounce at a greater height and it also ensures to give you protection. To make athletes climb comfortably, there is an overlapping section without any exposed opening. There is a safety pad and backup system o make sure that athletes are on the safer side while they bounce on the mat. Before buying any kind of trampolines, make sure that you read their manual instructions and seek advice from an athlete or a supervisor.

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