Horse riding is also known as equestrianism is an activity where horses are trained for riding or are used in transportation, sports, work purposes, or any sportive events. Horses are well trained in many activities. Especially in sports like polo or in events you can see horses doing jumping, racing, vaulting, reining, pegging, etc. There are many horse shows organized in many countries that display horses doing interesting acts.

Horse riding is an adventurous pursuit where people often enjoy the ride and interact with the horse. It is truly a fun experience. Many institutes across the world cautiously teach you horse riding. If you are an animal lover and love riding in the outskirts then go for it. But there are certain instructions you need to follow while riding a horse. Let us look at the article about the proper guidelines to do while horse riding.

The Beginners Guide to Horse Riding

Mounting and Groundwork

Mounting and Groundwork
  1. Understanding your horse is the first step to begin horse riding. You should know how to steer, mount your horse and understand its signal properly.
  2. Your instructor will guide you everything with it but make sure that you listen and follow the instructions carefully.
  3. Try to make the horse comfortable with your presence. Like caressing a horse on his head. Try to be gentle and show love towards the animal. It is necessary to build a bond with a horse.
  4. The next step is mounting on a horse. There is a small piece of wood placed near the horse leg. Mount the horse from its left side and place your left foot on it. 
  5. Then mount over the horse and sit on it comfortably. Make sure you have a proper balance on your horse.
  6. Choose an old horse for mounting on it. Because they are patient and calm. Otherwise, younger horses may feel irritated if you mount improperly.

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Balancing and Position

Balancing and Position
  1. Once you sit on the horse. Maintain a proper balance. Keep your back and shoulders straight.
  2. Make sure that your legs are in the correct inward position and placed on the wood stand.
  3. Don’t squeeze your horse, you have to sit in such a way that you are hugging your horse.
  4. Once the legs are in the correct position, hold the reins with thumbs over the top of them.

Horse Riding Step

Horse Riding Step
  1. You have to master the signal moves to your horse.
  2. To signal the horse for moving, gently touch the horse’s side with your legs.
  3. If the horse does not give any response gently kick him and guide him to walk.
  4. Even verbal clues liking making noise will also signal horses.
  5. Follow your horse with their head movements.
  6. Steering is an important movement in horse riding. If you want to turn on the right side, gently pull the rein back with your right hand. The same goes for the left turn too.
  7. The final step is posting trot. When the horse moves forward, slightly raise your body and then sit back. Avoid heavy bouncing on the horse saddle.
  8. You can now do horse riding slowly by giving gentle signals to the horse.

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Some Horse Riding Destinations


Ladakh for Horse Riding

Ladakh is one of the beautiful destinations for horse riding in India. The blissful region has a vast landscape that is good for riding horses. Zanskar Valley, Gelugpa and Zonghul give you a glimpse of exotic wildlife and are popular for horseback.

Maasai Mara, Kenya

Maasai Mara, Kenya

The region is famous for horse riding safari. Along with horse riding, you can get a glimpse of many wild animals like giraffes, zebras and elephants. With uninterrupted savanna and you can enjoy riding galloping horses.

Golden Circle, Iceland

Golden Circle, Iceland Horse riding

Reykjavik is a popular outskirt for horse riding. You can enjoy sightseeing in day time while riding and visit popular local farms at night. People often ride on Icelandic horses that are well known in the golden circle region. It is a beautiful land of fire and ice where you can even come across volcanoes, hot springs, lava desserts.

Reasons to Try Horse Riding

Reasons to Try Horse Riding
  1. Horse riding is an adventure and fun ride. If you are a daredevil and love racing and riding then enjoy this thrilling activity along with site gazing outskirts.
  2. it is a fitness activity. By doing riding a horse, your back muscles and shoulders get fit. Ever wonder why horse riders are so fit? It is the riding activity that makes them healthy and fine.
  3. It is a stress relief sport. You can enjoy site seeing outdoors with a horse. It is more fun and enjoyable than by traveling in cars and bike. 
  4. You can develop a great bond with the horse and see the regions through their guidance. 

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