Let’s take a look at what’s trending this year in the medical device industry. The medical device industry is a field that’s always changing and innovating, providing the tools for our nation’s healthcare. Below, we’ve listed some of the current trends that are beginning to pop up in the industry:

Tensile testing

When it comes to medical devices, sterile is the name of the game, and packaging matters more than one realizes. This is where a seal strength test comes in and why tensile testing is so important.

The protection of medical devices is important in healthcare. So when it comes to optimal medical devices, this is one area that is important to take note of. After all, packaging must be relied on to be sterile yet durable. Therefore, it can be safely transported and then stored at a medical facility.


medical device industry

Robotics has come a long way in the medical field. It is used for a variety of reasons pertaining to healthcare. From helping surgeons with sensitive procedures to being used to disinfect hospitals and patients’ rooms, there are many ways that robotics has already been used in the medical device field.

Experts are continuing to develop robotic medical devices and products. Micro-bot devices are designed to work within the body but are simply taken as a pill. This is a fascinating medical device trend that we’ll be observing closely.

Robotics isn’t only helpful for in-person treatment of patients. It is also making a big impact in the scientific/research area of medicine. If there’s an exciting aspect of current medical device trends in 2021, it’s in the area of robotics. We can’t wait to see what else is in store as we stay abreast of the latest in medical device magazines.


Telemedicine has already been in use, with many people getting prescriptions through online medical services. With the pandemic, telemedicine has become more popular and thus the need for unique products has appeared.

From DIY lab tests that can be collected by an outsourced provider to RPM devices, there are numerous products needed in the world of telemedicine, strongly impacting the medical device industry today.

Virtual reality devices

medical device industry

It may sound like a toy, but VR is actually being used in some areas of the medical field to help treat mental illness. Whether a patient suffers from depression, PTSD, or another ailment, virtual reality is occasionally prescribed to expose patients to environments that help alleviate anxiety and other symptoms. It’s a fascinating way to use technology and one that is helping medical professionals make advances in how they treat their patients.

Augmented reality

AR devices help surgeons during their surgeries, but also in how they prepare for their patient treatment. It can help in the communication of complex ideas with patients and their families. These devices are also becoming increasingly useful for those in the field of medical research.

Mixed reality trends

Allowing both augmented and virtual reality to be studied and used in a medical setting, MR is another trend that is growing in popularity in the medical field. It allows for a better understanding of complex medical ideas and data, and aids physicians before, during, and after their treatment of patients.

In Conclusion

Healthcare has always been an ever-changing landscape. Medical devices continue to be designed to fit the rapidly evolving field of medicine, and thus what you see today in the industry could quickly transition into a new product suitable for the future of medicine. With 2021 nearing its end, it will be interesting to see what kind of devices will rise in the medical device industry in 2022.

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