Designs and fashion trends don’t just come and go. They are intended to serve particular and critical functions. Both the designer and the wearer, have exact needs they want to satisfy every time they go in for any brand, however varied.

In most cases, essential factors play a central role in the process of coming up with and fully developing a design. For instance, the manufacturer could consider the prevailing environmental and weather conditions, the currents trends in fashion and the target audience’s preferences.

In most cases, apart from the manufacturer’s perspectives, it is equally vital at all times to be alive to the fact that the target audience, in this case, men, have a share on the entire process of coming up with designs that will end up in their wardrobes.

They have specific taste and preference, above all, a definite function they want the outfit to serve. Some outfit is meant for leisure like; jogging, hiking, swimming, a night out and even sunbathing among others.

Usually various factors come into play when men are choosing an outfit. Unlike their female counterparts who seem to be fashion sensitive, to whom, style and trend are the most likely parameters of choice, men should be guided by the simple principles of choice as discussed herein.

Intended Purpose of the Outfit

Apparently, clothes are never bought or acquired for the sake. It is so crucial to giving the function the outfit is intended for the significance it deserves, clothing is a function guided by need. For that reason, the purpose for which you are getting the outfit for should at all times come top. As mentioned earlier, some outfits are meant for leisure like; jogging, going hiking, swimming, hanging out with friends, having a night out and even sunbathing among others. Ask yourself why you need the outfit before you procure.

“Slow Fashion” Outfits

In situations where you acquire outfits by fashion and trend, it is essential to be aware that trends come and go and way is dictated by time, hence choose clothing styles that stay longer before they diminish. “Slow Fashion Outfits” stay longer in the market and they remain relevant for quite some time.


The question of safety comes with double edges. First, the material and chemical used in making the outfit should be safe for the wearer. Some manufacturers, for example, use colors and dyes which turn harmful after some time. They should, therefore, be avoided.

Secondly, select an outfit that will give you maximum safety depending on the activity you intend to engage yourself in. Take, for example; you are going hiking; you would need tough and heavy clothes that would protect you in case you wonder from the track. Be keen on the ethical standards in the production process of your manufacturer.

Longevity of the Outfit

No one wants to visit the stalls every day in search of an outfit. Especially men seem not to have the time and beauty of visiting stalls and markets. It would hence be a nice idea to equip your wardrobe with outfits that are long-lasting. Products that are long lasting will save the cost of replacing your outfits.

Quality of the Product

Comfort and discomfort are products of the outfit you choose to go out in. If you select the correct outfit, comfort will be a promise and the reverse is forever true. For instance, if you are out jogging, you will need light cotton that will convert your sweat into some cooling mechanism and not glue that will stick your outfit skin together making your jogging a nightmare.

Fashion and Trend

Besides the other equally essential parameters of choice discussed herein, it is also good to go with the demands of time. Sometimes, fashion comes with improvements on the already existing products; you are therefore most likely going to benefit from what the new product has in store for you.

Environmental and Weather Conditions

Everybody knows the clothes of winter and those of summer. The prevailing weather and environmental conditions have almost a final verdict on what you should wear and when. As a result, it is equally significant to select an outfit that blends well and is in agreement with the weather. If it is too cold, the outfit should promote warmth, similarly if too hot, will have to choose light clothing.

The Fabric that fits your intention

What is it that you want? What do you want your outfit for? Why do you want cotton or even silk? Every costume is made out of some material. Some are made of cotton, others silk and many more. Every material comes with its unique qualities that might serve a purpose this time and not the other. Choose wisely, preferably what serves your purpose well enough.

Photo by Djamal Akhmad Fahmi on Unsplash

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