This is the era of the smart fitness technology. You have the smartphone apps, the smartwatch, the smart earbuds and the smart weights. They are all designed to measure your progress and give you reassurance that you doing the right thing in the gym. Of course, the true gym rat won’t rely on technology entirely. The smart technology may choose your meals but it doesn’t eat them for you.
Still, this year the fitness gadgets are taking things to another level. You will be amazed how many things are out on the market that will create a new world of weight-training. The future is now, and here are 10 new tools you must get to give you that edge in the gym.


At first glance, this gadget looks a bit bizarre. But the PowerDot is the next level of muscle recovery and stimulation. It is a series of pods that you place on different parts of your body and lets you control workouts though an app. The pods send an impulse that causes your muscles to activate. It could be a little intense for many weightlifters but it does positive things to your muscles.

Jaybird Run earphones

Finding the perfect workout earbuds could a challenge. There’s Apple’s EarPods. But they seem to fall out of place easily. The Beats sporty version has been the go-to for many gym goers. But the Jaybird Run buds are top of the line. These don’t have the bulk and straps that most have. And they actually stay in your ear and offer comfortability. Moreover, the sound quality is incredible.

Umoro One Shaker

The protein shakes are essential for any workout. And the Umoro shakers are very useful. The bottle combines both water and protein in one bottle. There’s a separate compartment at the top of the bottle that stores the protein. And there’s a second compartment to hold the water. Then there’s one button that allows the two to converge and mix. There’s nothing better than convenience.

Mark One Pryme Vessel

The Pryme Vessel is a superior gadget. A major key to a successful workout is hydration. It keeps track of your water intake and lets you know when you hit milestones. Think you about your smartwatch. The Pryme Vessel does the same thing but only with water. The data is stored in your smartphone app and you could keep track to see if you are ingesting enough water.

Digitsole Smart Shoes

With the smart technology in the world, the release of a smart shoe was bound to happen. The Digitsole is something out of “Back to the Future Part 2.” These kicks automatically tighten themselves — there are no laces attached. But the sneaker also keeps your feet warm, and, of course, it keeps track of your calories burned, steps and distances. More incredible, the sneaker has a long and durable rechargeable battery.


Ever wonder what your body fat percentage is? For a bodybuilder, that is a question that constantly comes up. Instead of going through a series of tests with your trainer, the Skupt will measure the body fat at 24 different parts of your body. It also provides in-depth muscle analysis. This is essential when you are trying to bulk up or get leaner.

Bowflex Selecttech 560

Yes, Bowflex is still relevant in the fitness world. This is free weight lovers dream as its a versatile set of dumbbells. The set of dumbbell can go from 5 to 60 pounds effortlessly. That means you only need one set of dumbbells to maximize your workouts at home. Like most fitness technology, this carries sensors that keep track of your workouts and store it into your smartphone app.

ZJ Chao Smart Fitness Scale

Owning a fitness scale will give you instant gratification when you are trying to drop weight. So you should go for the best. The electronic scales are known to be slightly deceiving compared to the tradition scales. But the ZJ Chao is not the case. This smart scale can track your water weight, muscle mass, bone mass and visceral fat. It also measures your BMI, which is the ultimate look at your fitness level.

Nokia Sleep

The biggest key to maximizing your workouts and health is sleep. And this tool will help analyze your sleep patterns. The powerful sensor slides under your mattress and monitors all your activity as you sleep. It keeps track of your heart rate and body movements during your REM stage. All the data goes into a smartphone app for you to keep track of your “sleep score”. It’s even Amazon Alexa-friendly. For the cost of $99.95, you could find out if you’re sleeping well.

SOLOS Smart Glasses

The age of smart goggles started years ago when Google Glass appeared. Then Snapchat released its version of the smart glasses. But SOLOS has taken the technology to another level. The smart glasses let fitness enthusiasts — specifically runners and cyclists — view their performance in real time. The days of checking your watch and phone for the stats may take a step back. These glasses actually go for the similar price of an Apple Watch ($499).

Of course, buying all these new tools and toys won’t guarantee you are going to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. That will take physical persistence and dedication. But this new era of fitness tech will undoubtedly give you the knowledge and awareness to motivate you. More than ever before, the gym rat will have constant control and insight into his or her body.

Image credit: Pixabay [Pexels]

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