Welcome to the exciting world of sitting down at a barber’s chair and actually telling him what you want your hair to look like. Unfortunately, not everyone can rock the haircut they want because the shape of your face will most likely dictate what will look good on you.

Whether you want to see if you look good with an undercut or long hair, the first thing you have to do is figure out the shape of your face. Accepting the face shape nature has given is important because with a little thought, it can only get better from there. Below, we’ve provided a few pointers for you for the next time you think about changing your hairdo.

Dude getting his hair buzzed (Image Credits: jackmac34 / Pixabay)

Oval faces

People with oval faces – both men and women – are gifted with good symmetry. If you have an oval face, you can pretty much try out any hair style that catches your fancy, with your only limitation being the time it takes to grow back your hair, and how much your barber charges. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair to see which style you prefer.

Heart-shaped faces

People with heart-shaped faces are challenged by the fact that their narrower jawline tends to overemphasize their forehead. Haircuts that don’t emphasize the forehead are great for you if you have a heart-shaped face. Longer locks are also good since they draw the gaze away from the top of your head to your sides, so go for something like a mid-length swept-back cut.

Round faces

People with round faces are commonly known by those who know them as having a baby face. With shorter than usual lower halves of faces and a lack of strong angular features that are usually associated with masculinity, the term baby face does give the look justice. But that doesn’t mean that having a round face is a bad thing.

Having a round face just means that you have more reason to try out some pretty exciting haircuts like a pompadour.  Aggressive hairstyles with lots of angles and volume are great to add more lines to your look. A side-parted haircut will also be your best friend.

Rectangular faces

The biggest challenge that people with rectangular faces encounter is how long their faces will appear. To offset this face length, you can go for hairstyles that don’t go for height or body. A good example of hair style you can consider is a slicked-back look in contrast to a swept-back brush up. The closer your hair is to your crown without necessarily shaving your hair, the better.

Square faces

Strong features help people with square faces stay versatile when it comes to haircut choices. If you have a square face, keep in mind that shorter hair cuts tend to emphasize your already prominent masculine features even further. Interestingly enough, your strong features can also free up the option to experiment with long hair styles, which could nicely contrast with your natural look.

Model with a good haircut (Image Credits: RoyalAnwar / Pixabay)

Accessorizing your hairdo

Once you’ve found the kind of cut you like, styling it to be even better is not yet over. There are a lot of other options you can consider to make your new haircut pop out from the crowd.

Why not try coloring your hair or trying out some hair-sculpting products to see how far your new look can take you? Remember, getting the style you want doesn’t end when you leave the barber’s chair, so don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the many looks your hair can give you.