We all know that a night out is harmless until you’ve drunk too many shots and chugged down too much in just a few hours. The next day, you wake up with an excruciating pain in your head and with everything spinning around you — a penance for letting your body take in too much alcohol. Hangovers suck but we don’t really have much choice but to deal with it.

In case you find yourself nursing a hangover, here are a few easy cures that will help make your day a little better.

Make yourself feel better after a night out with this tried and tested hangover cure: a good breakfast

Eat a good breakfast

A hearty breakfast is one of the most common remedies for hangover. Hangovers are usually associated with low blood sugar levels, and having something to eat will help you regain your strength and energy throughout the day. Besides, who wouldn’t want something delicious when feeling tired and weak?

In addition to reducing other hangover symptoms, a good breakfast is also a good way to induce vitamins and minerals that might have been depleted due to alcohol.


Alcohol is proven to have a diuretic effect, meaning it increases the production of urine, which can lead to a loss of fluids and electrolytes from your body. Excessive amounts of alcohol can also lead to vomiting and may leave you feeling weak and sluggish.

To compensate for all the lost fluids and electrolytes, hydrate yourself with water, an ice cold juice, or even a sports drink. You can also consciously increase your fluid intake the next day to help you feel a little better.

Take a shower

Once you’ve had enough sleep, take a quick shower to help you awaken your senses. Having a hangover will make you feel weak and lazy to move around, and while sleeping will make you feel better, overdoing it will just make it worse. A shower will help you start to get back up on your feet and hopefully make you feel awake and alert.

Sweat out your hangover! Make yourself feel better by doing some light exercise

Sweat it out

You can never really “sweat out” whatever you had last night as alcohol is usually metabolized by your body in about an hour. However, exercise and moving around can help you boost your mood, burn off a few calories, and increase metabolism to help you get rid of toxins a little faster. Working out is also a great way to get yourself up from bed and make yourself a little better.

Get some vitamins

Alcohol can cause some vitamins and minerals in your body to be depleted. Help your body recharge by getting some vitamins into your system. We suggest drinking a nice cold orange juice or eating fruit so you can take in nutrients while still enjoying something tasty. You can also drink your usual multivitamins.

Get some sleep

Alcohol can cause sleep disturbances and chances are, your body can not have a restful sleep after your busy night out. While sleep will never “cure” your hangover, it will help you alleviate some symptoms like fatigue and headaches. Get some rest and let your body recover — just make sure to not oversleep.