The high and tight haircut is a modern take on a military haircut. The hairstyle is practical yet stylish and is loved by a good number of guys all over the world. Everyone from the military personnel to the athletes prefers this minimalist look.  

This haircut is a style that offers a clean aesthetic without a shaved head. It is also very effortless to maintain and is one of the many reasons why it is a classic hairstyle for men

It is also a haircut that works with all shapes of males’ faces and looks very masculine. Of course, you can also style it with designs and varying degrees of fade. 

But interestingly, there are different variations of the high and tight haircut. You would be forgiven for assuming that this clean-shaven look is as simple as they come. 

In this post, we offer some practical and easy tips on how to style a high and tight haircut the right way

Get the right cut

As ridiculous as it may sound, the right haircut can make or break your appearance. Getting the perfect high and tight haircut at home with your clippers is not the ideal choice here. 

high and tight haircut

Just as we have different face shapes, we also have different types of hair. A certified barber has the expertise and the knowledge to determine the best haircut for you. 

Whether it is a high and tight cut with fade, with designs, or with other haircuts, he or she will be the right person to give you the best haircut for your face and personality as well. 

Assemble the right tools

Almost everyone will agree that high and tight haircut does not require an arsenal of tools to style. This is not wrong. This haircut is very forgiving, and you can carry it with minimal styling. 

However, it would help if you looked groomed and presentable. And having a few essentials in your kit will help you get the right results. 

Consider adding the following to your hair care routine. 

  • A shampoo 
  • A light hold hair gel
  • Pomade or wax
  • A fine-toothed comb or a brush 
  • A hairdryer 

Style them right

Now that you have the right haircut and the few tools that are needed, it is time to learn the tricks to style your hair in the right way. 

If you have a short high and tight haircut, simply washing your hair would be enough to give you a clean groomed look. 

For those who have a high and tight haircut with some bangs or hair on the top, use a styling product on damp hair. Use a brush or a comb to create the part or style your bangs. 

Afro-textured hair typically does not require much styling with a high and tight haircut. However, adding a styling product will bring out the texture to the hair. 

Stylish Haircut

If you have a high and tight haircut with some volume on top, comb the hair in the desired direction while washing it. Continue to do so after you get out of the shower. 

If your hair is exceptionally rough and unruly, use a hairdryer and blow-dry it in the direction you want your hair to go. Add a styling product, preferably matte, to hold the hair in place. 

Add color for contrast

High and tight haircut looks very striking on those with dark hair. If you have very light hair such as blonde, ask your hairstylist to add some color to your hair to give it more character.

If you are deeply averse to coloring your hair, get your hair cut only from an experienced barber. He or she can add contrast in length so that your high and tight haircut will have the same effect as someone with darker hair

Of course, you can also add two-tone colors to your hair if you are feeling adventurous and you have the attitude to carry it off. 

Consider adding a beard

A high and tight haircut is inherently minimal and masculine. It looks very striking when paired with a beard. Consider growing a beard to complement your new hairstyle. 

Beard Trimming

If you have been wearing a beard, trim it down to a reasonable length so that your hair takes center stage. If you haven’t grown a beard, it is an excellent opportunity to add some spice to your look.


If you love a haircut that is fuss-free but is masculine and classic, look no further than the high and tight haircut. It will take you from season to season and will also blend into any workplace that you may be engaged in.

There are different variants of this classic haircut to suit everyone. It is also a haircut that is not going away anytime soon.