Even though the summer weather is on a high; there are times when it gets chilly at night, and you look for a light jacket which would be perfect for a cold summer night.

But you don’t have one. You have all of your winter jackets stacked away but nothing light enough to wear in the summer. You need a summer jacket. But which jacket to get?

The stylish jackets or the hot ones?

We put together the hottest and most fashionable jackets for men for this summer.

Brand and style all here for you.
  1. It’s never too late to wear a 4th of July jacket. This American Flag Icon Denim Jacket from GAP is so stylish that you would want it even if you don’t need it.
    This cool washed away denim jacket look so trendy, and it is one of the stylish jackets for men this summer. The best part is, it comes in XXXL as well!

  2. Levi’s is hands down the best anywhere. Being the first to introduce denim; Levi’s makes the coolest denim clothes ever. The Levi’s Commuter Truck Jacket is cool denim that has some pretty amazing features. It is water and dirt repellent. It’s made of a durable extra stretch fabric, and for a breezy bike ride, it has back mesh panels.

  3. The Leaf Printed Bomber Jacket by The Kooples is the shine of the night and the day. The metallic leaf prints on the bomber jacket shine as soon as any light hits it but at the same time don’t worry; it’s not going to make you look like a disco ball.

This tropically printed jacket will give you the
Hawaiian feel.

  1. We all love that army look. Wallace and Barnes have put out their Lightweight Military Jacket that gives you a rugged look.
    The light cotton makes it weather friendly and has five pockets! You can never run out of having a place to put your things in.

  2. The Patagonia Clean Colour Jacket is on the list for stylish jackets for men because of its organic cotton and dye procedure that is environment-friendly.

Instead of using petroleum, this jacket is dyed with
Archroma’s Earthy colors method that uses nut shells and leaves. This natural dye fades over time giving the jacket a lived-in look.

  1. Camouflage took on a different route. Armani Exchange has put eagles on its

Camo Nylon Exchange Jacket. The Eagles in various shades of blue on this jacket will have others trying to look closer in.

  1. You’ll find another nylon jacket that’s the hot stuff this summer. But not literally.

This lightweight jacket is the old school classic and yet modern. Todd Synder’s Nylon Barracuda Jacket is a retro style racing jacket that can give you the ‘cool look with anything you wear.

Summer this year couldn’t be more stylish than ever before. This list of favorite jackets for men is for you to upgrade your wardrobe today with the best

summer jackets!

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