Do you feel that despite your elegant looks, amazing sense of humor, sexy dress sense and an impressive bank balance, you still don’t mesmerize and enchant girls the way your friend does? Well, there as on is simple: he smells better! Yes, you are right!

Girls are only drawn to subtle fragrances.

You might be a Prince Charming but if you don’t smell nice BAM! No girl is ever going to fall for you! We know that’s mean, but that’s only fair too.

In the scorching heat of the sun, the unrelenting humidity, and remarkable high-stress levels, it is certainly hard to smell good. So today we bring you a list of the top 9 best fragrances of 2016

that are still worth dying for.

1. L’Envol De Cartier by Cartier

An Eau de perfume of dualities, L’Envol is both vigorous and mellow with sweet raisins set against airy musk. The extraordinary, eye-catching bottle is a capsule contained within a glass dome. The capsule is refillable and can be carried independently.

2. Clive Christian-X for Men

Mysterious and modern, and utterly enchanting, with an attitude that crosses yet surpasses conventional perfumery, X-for men is the ultimate fragrance of 2016! The fragrance is presented in a black glass flacon with gold overlay to highlight the unique and compelling quality of the perfume.

3. Orris and Sandalwood Cologne by Jo Malone

2016’s unisex fragrance, Orris, and Sandalwood by Jo Malone are a simple yet mystic fragrance that’s going to overwhelm your senses most beautifully! No other brand has thrived by keeping it plain and pristine more than Jo Malone.

4. Diesel by Bad Diesel

Combining essences of tobacco and caviar creates a sophisticated woody scent with a tinge of citrus notes, and balanced out by lavender and cardamom, making it perfect for the cooler months.

5. Le Gemme Men’s Collection by Bulgari

BulgariX’s 2016 men’s collection of fragrances draws inspiration from vibrant and precious gemstones. Wisely titled, Le Gemme, the range includes six outstanding fragrances, each named after a colorful gemstone.
The fragrances, with names like Ambero, Gyan, Malakeos, and Tygar are specially designed to intrigue and enchant the senses.

6. Note Di Colonia by Acqua Di Parma

To celebrate their thousandth anniversary, Acqua Di Parma released a set of prestigious and sophisticated fragrances that beguiles the senses. Each fragrance is
inspired by music from two of the most renowned Opera composers, Verdi and Puccini, while its bottle reincarnates the conventional Acqua Di Parma Design.

7. Vert d’ Encens By Tom Ford

Tom Ford explores the uncharted territory with Vert d’ Encens, transporting you to mighty forest landscapes Sophisticated, aromatic yet wild and wondrous, Tom Ford’s will remind you of the calm and peaceful Mediterranean coastlines and rugged mountainous topography.

8. Prada L’Homme by Prada

Prada’s L’Homme features prominent notes of iris and amber, which rarely appear in the conventional Fougere. A concoction of neroli, geranium, and patchouli, this captivating fragrance seems manly, with a twist that you would never have experienced!

9. Dylan Blue by Versace

Powerful and sensual, yet sensitive and disciplined, Dylan Blue is a fragrance that allures the senses through the captivating scents of the Mediterranean.

A perfect mix of ambrox, papyrus, black pepper, and patchouli offer pronounced masculinity. So this fragrance is a combination of sensuality, freshness, and passion!

These nine fragrances of 2016 are worth dying for!

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