We all need exercise, and that’s a fact. We might not like it, but in reality, we all know it is necessary. Taking out time to go to the gym while having a full-time job and a family to tend to, is pretty hard. Plus you never get time!

Going to the gym can indeed be a hassle, and that’s why you need to decide for yourself to bring workout machine home. Your home is where you can work out in your peace and comfort.

After a thorough research, we came up with the best workout machine of this year that would change your life. The conclusion was that the ‘Stationary Bike’ was the best workout machine of the year.

How Would A Stationary Bike Change Your Life?

A stationary bike is one without which know the gym is complete; whether at home or independent. This is one workout machine that benefits you in almost every way. Some simple exercises like jogging or team sports tend to be hard on the joints, but a stationary bike isn’t.

This specific machine changes your life in one simple way. Giving it 30 minutes each day will make you 10 times fitter in just a matter of time.

There is a reason that it is known as the best workout machine of the year. You can experience every health benefit, energy and strength boost and whatever else you achieve from other workouts, from just this one workout machine.

There are three basic factors about the stationary machine that changes your life.

1. It burns calories and not just some but many. If you weigh 155 pounds; giving 30 minutes each day would burn around 260 calories i.e. if you go at a moderate pace. According to your standard, that is if you are a beginner or not, you can adjust the pace.

2. The second factor is that this machine is joint friendly. Aerobic activities
can usually be hard on the joints because of the impact involved in such
exercises. The stationary machine enables you to get your heart pumping
without putting on stress on your joints.

This machine has been said to be great for people over the weight of 50 pounds because it reduces the stress on the hips, back, knees and ankles. That is better than walking even! There’s a reason it’s known as the best workout machine!

3. Cardio is the best exercise. And the stationary bike is the best machine for cardiovascular exercise. This machine even has cardio benefits as it helps in regulating blood sugar, prevents heart attacks and helps in lowering high blood pressure.

According to a clinic, regularly riding the stationary bike help your heart become more efficient in pumping blood, increases the amount of good cholesterol while decreasing bad cholesterol which results in less plaque to build up in your arteries

The biggest life changing fact is that just riding this bike for 30 minutes, five times a week could even extend your life. Just hearing this makes me want to go right now and purchase a stationary bike for myself!

The best workout machine is as simple as a stationary bike can change your life just like that if you just vow to take out 30 minutes each day for it. Just 30 minutes!

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