There is no doubt that the fitness industry is one of the booming businesses in the last few decades. With most people maintaining their health through fitness programs, being a personal trainer (PT) is a career that you can bet on. However, being a PT is more than just about writing programs, crafting meals plans and putting clients through tough workouts. It is about being a mentor, a friend, an idol and a motivator. These are the basic skills that means everything in this business.

However, these attributes will not be enough if you want to join the club of personal training specialists. There are other attributes which you need to work on for you to build a solid reputation and a positive brand that will keep clients coming. Here are essential tips on how to become a successful personal trainer.

PT Certifications

No one will trust you if they are sure of your qualification. The modern fitness is more about science and more than just the physical aspect of the training. You must prove to the clients that you are qualified in all aspects of fitness instructing and personal training. For instance, you must be certified personal trainers by reputable bodies and have a convincing level of certification. ACE is one of the certifications is one key that most clients look for the US. The more certification and experience, the higher the chance of being successful in the business.


Having the best personal trainer certification is not enough to give you the success you are looking for. You need to understand that you have a product and brand to sell. That is why networking is a critical component. You need a strong network if you want to be successful. Just like any other business, personal training and social life are inseparable. Therefore, you must take an entrepreneurial approach to this job. Start by attending wellness fairs, workshops, business event, fitness expos and so on. Meeting new people and engaging in the community is essential in building a strong network.

Relationship with Clients

How you relate with your clients will greatly determine your success. For personal training specialists, professional relationship is highly recommended. You need to know your clients, and they should be able to trust you. Show them that you care and make them feel comfortable around you. Ask them about their lives, their families and their passions. That helps to build trust. Such a relationship will not only make the client like attending your classes but could also open up more opportunities through referrals. But you need to learn how to build these relationships since people are different.

Be Unique

Differentiating yourself from the rest of the competition is another trick to success. As a brand, you need to be unique to penetrate the market with ease. The fitness field is vast hence you can pick what you are comfortable with. Are you comfortable training teenager or adults? Do you excel in a small group or a large class? You need to know where you excel the best rather than hopping from one fad to another. Let people no one, and that’s how you build a reputation.

Be Quick to Adopt Changes

The fitness industry world over is very dynamic. Things change really fast. If you don’t learn the new trends and adopt them, you might be left behind. Therefore, if you want to join the league of personal training specialists, you have to learn, improve and evolve continually. Attend as many fitness conventions and training workshop as you can. Joining online forums and PT webinars are also recommended. On your free time, read reputable pieces of literature to know what is going on the industry.


Your image is very crucial when it comes to being successful as a personal trainer. You must be fit yourself to be a model or an idol to your clients. You must prove to clients that whatever you’re promising will work for them as it worked for you. Therefore, be a good example.

Final Thought

Starting a personal training business is not easy. This is a very competitive industry, and it has changed from just about fitness knowledge to business acumen. Therefore, the key to standing out from the competition is knowing to key tips and tricks to learn the business the right way. With the tips in this article, you will be ready to hit the ground running.



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