Once in a while, you will meet someone who seems to have a “charmed life.” They get into all the best clubs, have all the hottest friends, and somehow know all the best parties to attend. Believe it or not, there may be a secret to why they know all those cool people or attend all those parties. The guy who seems to party all the time might be paid to do so.
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Getting paid to party isn’t as difficult as you’d think it is. Here are some of the easiest ways to have your partying bills paid—if you love the nightlife, that is.

Become a party promoter at a local nightclub.

The nightlife scene is, for the most part, run by party promoters. If you have a lot of friends or at least one or two connections, chances are that you can make some money by encouraging people to attend parties.

The key thing here is to have a following that is loyal and trusts in your ability to find a good show. Those who have good followings can easily make this a full-time job, with some even earning over $150,000 or more.

Be paid to be a seat filler

Much like with certain political movements, party venues and shows need seat fillers. This kind of gig means that you will have to sit through comedy shows, theater acts, or even just show up to dance clubs in order to give the place a more ‘full’ vibe. At the very least, you will get free seating. At most, you can expect to be paid $10 per hour.
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Some apps, such as Surkus, allow you to find gigs near you for free. Needless to say, it’s a pretty interesting way to get paid to have fun.

Become an event reporter

Without a doubt, the easiest way to get access to high profile events is to be an event reporter. By offering to cover events, add hype to them, and also add hype to the people there, people end up wanting you to attend.

Most of the time, your attendance will be free and you’ll get a nominal fee for writing the article. However, if you become known for doing a good job or if you become affiliated with a famous publication, you can easily make hundreds doing this.

Become a DJ, stage crew member, or a bartender

This fits under the “well duh” category right? Truth be told, this route of getting paid to party isn’t very party-heavy. You will often have to do a lot more work at the party than others, and some venues will not allow you to have a break. That being said, these kinds of jobs will get you near the action and you might occasionally have time to enjoy the fun.
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Some extra advice for anyone looking to get paid to party

If you want to be paid to attend events or promote events, you’re going to need to network—a lot. Charm, appearance, and yes, your current existing group of friends will matter with all of these jobs. So, if you want to get paid, make sure you present yourself well.

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