The hardships of traveling mainly reside on how you will travel comfortably while keeping all your things organized. The key is finding the minimal in maximizing your essential needs such as chargers and toiletries. That alone is as stressful as traveling through the security lines. But there’s plenty of travel options.
The amount of traveling accessories out there are great but sometimes they could be less-than-stellar. That’s why we’ve compiled the best list of items you will need to get to help make your traveling experience enjoyable and organized.

Vumos Leak-proof Travel Bottles

In case you are trying to avoid checking your luggage, the biggest challenge is finding the homes for your liquids such as lotions, shampoos and conditioners. You are allowed to bring 3.5 ounce containers as a carry-on and these are the best bottles you will find. The multi-colored bottles are both durable and leak-proof. You will not find another bottle better to keep your toiletries.

TRTL Travel Pillow

The pillows are crucial part of your traveling accessories. That means either on a plane, or in a car, or on a train. The TRTL pillow is the best of any neck pillow you find. The pillow looks like a scarf but it will provide the most support you will have compared to the other competitors. And the fact that it wraps completely around your neck will provide added warmth. Now here’s the best part: it’s $30. That’s cheap than the regular high-end neck pillows out there.

Bose QuietContol Wireless Headphones

The wireless headphones are extremely important for any trip. The Bose QuietControl is the smallest and most comfortable you will find. Compared to the Beats version, these headphone are lightweight and feature noise cancelation that will keep you engulfed in the sounds of your playlists or watching a movie on your tablet. The Bose-connect app also makes it easy for Bluetooth pairing. More importantly, the Lithium-Ion battery lasts nearly 10 hours per charge, making doubly important for the those flights to Hawaii.

Grand Trunk Hooded Neck Pillow

There’s many neck pillows on the market these days. There’s the memory-foam pillows and the regular foam ones. But this neck pillow is best of all worlds. It has the comfy memory foam cushioning but also attaches a fleece hood with attached eyeshade to help you fall asleep right way on long flights. The product is affordable ($40 at Brookstone) considering all the features.

BauBax Travel Sweatshirt

Many fashion experts call this “the most travel-friendly hoodie on the market”. The hoodie is essentially a carry-on bag on your body. There’s compartments for your all your smaller accessories such as phones, earbuds, sunglasses and tablets (yes tablets). The hoodies also has a built-in neck pillow so you don’t have carry that onboard. More importantly, the sweater is comfy and warm on the chilly cabins.

Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag

The one thing you will need when traveling is be compact and organized, especially with carry-on accessories. That translates into comfortability. This flight bag will provide all of this as it fits right into your airline seat pocket. The bag will stash away your phone, tablet, charger, headphones and books. It also works well when you are riding a bike as it hangs perfectly on your handlebars.

Dakine Waist Hydration Pack

Whether you flying or hiking, you are going to get thirsty. The handy water pack looks like a sleek fanny pack. But It’s a water pack that holds up 48 ounces of water and remains lightweight. There’s a sipping tube for easy access. The pack is designed for hikers and bikers on their cross-country treks. And more appealing is the affordable prices.

A-Swift Compression Socks

Those long overseas flights could be rough on your legs. You are sitting for hours and they begin to crap or tense up. These compression socks provide perfect support and circulation. The socks have been proven to decrease the risk of blood clots and it is extremely warm for the cold climates.

BUBM Electronics Organizer

The one big annoyance for traveling is keeping all your smaller electronics and chargers packed safely. There is not a time when you fear losing a iPhone charger because it always happens. This case helps you pack your SD cards, cables and small tech items in small mesh compartments that also acts as an laptop case. The case is also waterproof and small to pack.

Energy-Pro Power Backpack

The backpack is techie dream come true. Of course the biggest challenge for traveling is making sure your devices remain charged all the time. The great-looking backpack charges three devices at the same time with its built-in lithium-ion battery. There’s also 12 internal pockets that help keep your contents organize and protected. There’s also a laptop compartment that is easily accessible for when going through the TSA security line.
The best part of these accessories is that you will remain stress-free and relax as you make it to your destination. The most important thing to remember is you must remain simple in your packing. Yes, it is important to keep all your smaller belongings in its place. But in reality, you should just remind yourself to pack light. It’s a getaway, not a relocation.

Image credit: Erwan Hesry [Unsplash]

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