A Fashionable Man
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Good Grooming

A fashionable look always starts with good grooming. Healthy skin, neatly trimmed nails, clean, shiny hair, and a healthy haircut. With this, even a cheap outfit will still make you look very presentable. Grooming is a combination of style and discipline

.Christian Dior once said, “Grooming is the real secret of elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming.”

You don’t need to wear expensive clothes and outfits just to look fashionable, just make sure to have good hygiene and a healthy body.

Neutral Color Outfits

Having neutral color shirts and outfits in your wardrobe is always a great idea to look fashionable because it is extremely versatile and you can create a lot of outfits by just pairing them together. Neutral colors include black, white, tan, beige, navy, etc.

Neutral color outfits are also very cheap on the market and you can wear them any time of the year, no matter what the occasion. With a neutral wardrobe, putting together an outfit or packing for a trip is a breeze.

Look For A Good Tailor

Always consider visiting a tailor in your place whenever you have some extra time because they can help you to know and get the right size and shape of the outfits that will suit you, make you look fashionable, and help you to avoid buying clothes that don’t look good on you.

Having tailored outfits can offer you the benefit of creativity and self-expression that off-the-rack clothing cannot match, and it is worth every penny. Having the ability to choose cuts and styles, pleats, darts, and a limitless list of customizable options that add something uniquely “you” to your garment or ensemble.

Accept hand-me-downs

Wearing and accepting hand-me-down clothes can save you a lot of money. Whether you are on a tight budget or you’d simply prefer to spend your money on more important things, hand-me-downs are awesome because they are free.

Clothes are also bad for the environment. Whether it’s the production of clothes (pesticides used on cotton crops, production of synthetic fibers from petroleum, etc.) or their use (planned obsolescence promoted by the fashion industry). Did you know that 80 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year are being put in the trash by Americans alone? Reusing clothes by giving and accepting hand-me-downs is a simple but very helpful way to reduce the impact of clothes on our environment.


Accessories can also make you look more fashionable. They can add visual interest to an outfit, and they can help to conceal flaws or balance out your proportions. Accessories can also enhance your features, such as by drawing attention to your eyes or adding a pop of color to your outfit.

The accessories that you will wear don’t need to be expensive. Just make sure that your accessory will look good on your outfit even if it’s cheap.

Accessories can also be functional as well as decorative. For example, a watch can tell time, a scarf can keep you warm, and sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun. So there are many reasons why accessorizing is a great idea.

Wearing jewelry and accessories can also help highlight your body assets like your neck, face, and arms. If you want to highlight your face above your chest, wear small necklaces and large earrings. Or, if you want to highlight your chest, wear large necklaces and small earrings.

Borrowing And Swapping Clothes With Friends

Borrowing or swapping clothes and outfits with your friends can help you save money by acquiring ‘new’ clothes at no cost. It will help add a new variety to your wardrobe to freshen it up and feed your craving for “something new to wear.”

It will also help in reducing environmental impact by not buying new clothes. You will also experience the excitement and joy that comes from discovering different styles or types of clothing that are outside of your comfort zone (e.g., color that you would never buy).

It was also a big help in deepening your friendships with your group and pushing your creative boundaries by swapping clothes and outfits to incorporate the wardrobes of each of you.

Take Care Of Your Clothes

And last but most importantly, you must always take care of your clothes, but doing this will help them to last longer, and save you a ton of money when compared to buying new ones. Proper methods of cleaning, drying, and storing your clothes will both extend their life and make them look better and have a longer life.